Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Small changes

Stitchie Stuff  I did get in my morning stitching and stitch again tonight as soon as I am done posting.   Turned the corner on the border.   (1-7 Not much stitching time but here's the progress.)

Heath and Exercise  I did my stretches and workout with an elastic band this morning.   It was different but it was something and definitely more movement than my old morning routine.  I maintained my food diary all day so that was good too.  I had a dinner meeting tonight - ice water and a half Applebee's Grilled Chicken Oriental Salad.  I was good for me and my diet and it was yummy too.  

On a bad note, I received very bad news about my best friend.   A mass was discovered in her lung.   The doctor said it is early and is surprised they found such a small mass.  I am mad!  A mass is a mass is a mass damn-it!  He said her prognosis was good but she has a hard road ahead of her.   She cried, we cried.   I told her I would be her shoulder to cry on, her ear to listen to her vent, her transportation to her treatments but I didn't know if I could shave my head for her.... and then we laughed through the tears.  My heart aches for her and her family tonight.

Happiness and other stuff - There is a change in the air.  There is a change in me. It is nothing to be immediately seen.   Something has changed and I am not sure how or why I have come to this point but it is a good thing.  I feel energized.   I feel like the old me from years ago it back.  The me that was lost through years of downward turns, caretaking of sick parents, marital stress, work stress, illness of children, overload, etc.  Through this I have slowly accumulated a bunch of bad habits.   I read somewhere that it takes you 19 days (I think it is 19) to create a new habit.    

In reading other blogs I am in awe of the stitching accomplishments some of you have made.   Being totally realistic I know there is no way I could ever imagine coming close to some of the total projects completed.   But I know something I can do......I can challenging myself......to make small changes that will become good habits.   I think this fits right in with my striving for better health.  A recipe for failure is setting your expectations too high.  Small changes are attainable.   I can make small changes to create my new habits.  I don't know if I can possible come up with 52 changes! but I hope to post my change of the week each Sunday.   I think it more realistic to have a change a month or a fortnight!  Yeah!  Let's bring back the fortnight.  Please share with me any small change you can think making will change your life.  The wheels are turning and I can already thing of a dozen little things filling up a mental list that I could do to improve my life, my health, my sanity!

Change of the week  - This one is easy and had already been stated.   The change I strive to make this week is to eliminate soda from my diet.   Silly, maybe, but not to a pepsi addict.   Drinking water is so much healthier.  I hope it will reduce my caloric intake and relieve the 'bloat'.  And just think if I do decide to a when I do decide to have a Captain and Coke, it will sure taste good.

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