Saturday, January 9, 2010

I can't even wait til tomorrow

Change of the week - the resolution I want to make this week is to keep a food diary.    yeah, yeah, yeah.  I mentioned before but that was prior to my idea of my adding a new resolution each week.   I need to make these small changes in my life that will have a big impact.   So, food diary it is.   If you ever have participated in weight watchers you know this works.   I don't want all the trappings of weighing, measuring,counting points....I want to start with being aware of when and how much I eat.   I have often sat down on the couch with a half dozen cookies and a cup of coffee and the next thing I know I am looking around and thinking where did those cookies go?    Most times I eat, I am not even hungry.   I eat because it is there.   Like a person in a trance I ate the cookies but I did not even remember nor enjoy or savoy them.  No, it was more like I looked at the cat and thought.....did you eat them Baby Kat because I don't remember!   Rather than be like a robot and shovel the food in, I am hoping that if I write it down before I eat it will trigger me to think about what I am eating; to enjoy what I am eating; to savor what I am eating; and perhaps not eat as much when I look back at all I have eaten.   It is also making me make conscious decisions about what I am eating.    I really didn't want to have to look back on my list and see that I was weak and had eaten brownies at work so by thinking before eating, I didn't need to add them to the list.  I want to ask myself that I really hungry?  or better yet, tell myself "nothing tastes as good as thin feels"!  There will be no way for me to say "I don't know where these extra pounds came from!"  I just am trying to be more aware of what I am eating.   Hey is works for millions who attend weight watchers meetings!

Stitchie Stuff  Too little stitching the last few days for me.  We had our DVHSG Meeting this morning and it was a good time.   It was the annual clean out your stash and sell it meeting.   I came home with the following for $20.00: 
Just Nan - Icy Hill
Just Nan - Christmas Wallet
Sisters and Best Friends - Fruit Salad Sampler
Earths Threads - Lambs Garden
Rosewood Manor - Rosewood Manor Sampler
Rosewood Manor - Best Wishes Ornaments
Barrick Samplers - A Quaker Alphabet
Barrick Samplers - Multiplication Table
Cricket Collection - Christmas Letters Leaflet
Told in the Garden - Garden Berries Leaflet
Little House Needleworks - Something Old, Something New
Giulia Punti Antichi - English Sampler Pillow
Fancy That  - Christmas Ornaments Leaflet
Fancy That Leaflet came with 18 miniature cookie cutters - the real reason I picked it!

10% of the proceeds go to the Guild.   Some of us get new stuff.  Stuff of get rid of some things.  All the patterns I pulled from stash returned home with me!

Stitchie Progress - Busy week and I didn't get much time to stitch......hope to make up for it on Sunday after
brunch with my sister for birthday!

Happiness and Health - I have been trying to stay on track with the exercise and staying more active.   Today, for instance, I didn't sit down until I sat to check my email and blog posts at 7:30.   I had my meeting as I mentioned before.  I took down all the Christmas decorations, packed them up and took them to the garage.   I have the trees left that I need Mr. Wonderful to help me with.  I went with my DinL to the local state park and let the dogs run.   (Not to worry, we haven't let Gavers run on the ice.....this is a low spot where the rainwater collected and then froze like a pond.)  The only problem with that is that they are on the leash so Troy, the german shepherd, had the pleasure of pulling me around for an hour.   I didn't make the treadmill but I think it was a fair exchange.   I was a good day. 

Exercising this week has been difficult - Monday dinner with a friend, Tuesday worked late, Wednesday Board Meeting, Thursday hair appointing, Friday my son, DinL and grandson showed up for dinner and game night.   I have kept up with the stretches in the morning and have started a very good morning routine that I don't want to mess is up with tring to get the treadmill in before work and not after work.   We shall see.


Irene said...

Robin, you must have been a fly on my wall last night. I sat down with 10 or 12 "healthy" cookies (IF you eat 3) and didn't even bother with the coffee or tea :) Yup I need to keep a food diary as well, did on WW and it does work.

EvalinaMaria said...

Keep up good work Robin and good luck with stitchy Sunday. Happy birthday to your sister!