Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mid-Week Status

Health/Happiness My positive spirit continues.   I can't begin to explain how much easier work is with the right attitude.   No more of that why me, why not others point of view.   The reality that you get more work than the next sucks and I am tired of it bringing me down.   I refuse to get sucked up into worrying that I come in before them and leave after them.  It doesn't matter.   I can sleep at night.  I am respected and the blow hards who are too busy spouting their accomplishments and opinions are tolerated.  Fair - no; reality - yes; and the new me doesn't care.  And seriously if you have all that time to tell everyone what you are doing, then really what are you doing?

I am continue to maintain my Food Diary and have had soda only once.   I am not going to beat myself up for it or make excuses for the slip up.   It was a conscious decision - I was thirsty and really wanted a glass.   Unlike previous attempts to diet I have crossed that day off and moved to the next - a new day.   Besides, I am not dieting, I am trying to change my lifestyle.    I have managed to continue on the treadmill as well and that pleases me.   On days I don't get on the treadmill I am doing exercises with little handweights or with the elastic band.   Am I ever going to have a body builders physique?  No, nor do I want one.   I just want to continue to increase my activity level.  Again I am going for the realistic approach.

The best part of yesterday was stopping at my son's on the way home.   I got to see my little Gavers.   He was sanding away on his little Pinewood Derby car for Cub Scouts.  My son and DinL went to IKEA and I wanted to see their new curtains.   Struggling young homeowners who are underemployed don't have a lot of extra $$$ to furnish and decorate.   For under $150 they got curtains, sheers, coffee table, lamps and an end table.   Maybe more.   As a new little homemaker my DinL was feeling good about how the living room is coming together. 

Stitchie Stuff - I have been able to get in an hour or so each morning on my etui.   I am pleased with my progress.  Although the week started out with a clear agenda for the evenings, it has quickly filled up.  Therefore any stitching time when I finally hit the couch has been limited.   I do get my project out, however I  find myself waking hours later all contorted like a pretzel with not a stitch taken.  

I am really enjoying side four.   Funny thing is I have botched up the pattern so bad!  However, when I blogged that only Ellen Chester and I would know, I got a lovely post from Ellen herself telling me to basically go for it!   WOW the pressure is off.   Side four is truly a creation of mine!

Of course my total lack of being able to do one thing at a time has me working on both side four and the top at the same time.

That's it for Hump Day for me......another Grant Meeting tonight which is a dinner meeting at my house....quick run through and pick up around the house before I am off to work. 

Have a great day everyone and stay WARM!

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