Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Color!

My color - I have a favorite color. Some of you will call if turquoise; other's may call it Tiffany Box Blue. Whatever you call it, I like it. Not only that, it is a color that I look good in. And to top if off, it was my mother's favorite color. I don't know    how long I have liked turquiose - the color and not necessarily the jewelry - but I noticed I have a lot of it around me.   Funny, I am not a big fan of turquiose jewelry. I like it, it is pretty but it not my style. So my challenge for the season, it to see what I see with turquoise and photograph it.

The Sweetheart Tree above started it bedroom color scheme was based on this piece  of stitchery.

I passed a car on I95 last week that was turquoise.  Of course, at 65 mpg I had neither the camera or the ability to take a photo!


A trip-tict (sp??) of browns, beiges and turquiose.   Great find from Target!  My new turquoise blouse from my post holiday shopping with the girls.
A strip in a favorite sweater.    

My plastic water glass.
My Vera Bradley lunchbag!
An agate coffee pot.
Some of my jewelry....even my book cover has turquoise.

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