Sunday, January 3, 2010

Positve Posts

That's what I decided to do.   Since blogging and following blogs seems to be an obsession with me, I am thinking I need to put a spin on it to get benefits! so I will be posting the positive things that happen in the 24 hours (or week) proceeding......

Stitchie Stuff - Good progress made on Side Four of my Etui.   I am pleased with the compensation stitches so far.   Got my hour and a half in this morning and hope to stitch again this afternoon.  I am amazed (so far) at how fast I am working this up.  It is all about quality and not quantity!   I was spending so much time with my stitching in hand but not stitching......watching TV, being distracted, etc.

Family - Talked to me sister yesterday and made plans to lunch together today.   She is having such a time of it on her limited retirement funds and her need to have double knee replacement.   We need to resurect our monthly Saturday antique and junk shop crawls.    Problem is, they always lead to spending money and right now money is tight for her.

On a better note, my daugher made it home safely by 5:30 last night.   It is a 350 mile drive and I was happy to hear she was home and snuggling with her kitty and knitting on the sofa.    It was bittersweet to have her leave.  It always leaves a hole in my heart.   On the other hand, I am immensely proud that she could move that far away and not know a soul and not to mention to be doing so well at her job.   Yes, another promotion was announced in early December.   She has bought her first home - all by herself!!! - and I will be trekking to Massachusetts when she makes settlement to help with the move.

Cleaning/House - I managed to box up the wrapping papers, gift boxes and all the trappings of wrappings!   I have several boxes ready to go outside to the attic storage in the garage.  I also filled two yardsale boxes to go to the attic.   Better yet - I am thrilled with the sorting of my dressing table and everything from my scarves to socks in my walk in closet.   I am ashamed to say, before yesterday, you couldn't see the floor! but with the holiday rush, something has to give.  I also managed to sort a huge pile of mail and junk mail.   I have a larger stack of filing to take care of but that is not for today.   I need to pick a few week nights and sort the file cabinet and all the files in prep for the dreaded tax return time.   So much of what we do is electronic, I don't need a lot of the paper anymore.  Along with that is the binder of owner's manuals for items that have long since been out of here!   Yeah, this is a more than one night project but boy with it feel like the house is lighter when I am done.

Health/Exercise - I managed to maintain my vow to drink no soda.   I really paid attention to everything I ate yesterday and eliminated a lot of empty calories.    When I really put some thought into it, I eat when I am not hungry, I eat because I can.....which is the reason I have the 25 extra pounds that I'd like to shed.   I drank move water, ate smaller portions and did the treadmill TWICE yesterday.

As I sit and recall all I did yesteday, I don't know how I fit it all in one day.   What remains for today is to keep my kitchen clean!  It looks so nice without that stack of perpetual dishes and stuff cluttering up the counters.   I am off to the grocery store for a quick trip of what I need for the week.   I have two meetings this week and will push to get all my paperwork in place today and not wait til the night before when I am tired after a day at work.  And need to log in to work later to get a jump on the week ahead.  But I will do what I can, one day at a time, and not be overly critical of myself if I can't to it all!

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BeckySC said...

I love your blog header reminds me so much of our sweet kitty we lost last month.

Your progress looks wonderful :)

Have a most lovely week and thank you so very much for your email :) I appreciate it :)