Saturday, January 2, 2010

I did it! I broke out of my shell, kind of

I was on a full tear to gut and clean every inch of my kitchen.   I cleaned, sorted and purged the coffees, the teas, the spices, the snacks, the cereals, the pots and pans and had a general mess all over the counter.   I was about to head to the tupperware and my DinL came in.   She wanted help hemming and hanging curtains!  Boom!  I was out of here.   So I can be spontaneous.  At the same time I was diligent....I could have stayed and would have liked to have stayed at my son's house for longer but I knew I had left a mess and that no one but me would clean it up and if I didn't leave when I did, the mess would still be there this morning when I woke.   I think I have stumbled across something.........I don't allow enough time to do what I have to because of what I want to!  and therefore I wake up and feel like I am already behind the 8 ball before I step one foot on the floor.   

OK, so far today, I have stitched for 1 1/2 hours (would have liked to continue but see below), I walked on the treadmill, vowed to eliminated all soda from my diet, I picked up the living room and kitchen.  I am now off to conquer my bedroom and my spare room upstairs and I feel good!    OK,  ok, let's not get carried away.....2 days does not a success story make. 

Stitching continued:    It was time to stop.   I have too many stitches in to frog and have found out my count is off.   I am doing some compensation.   Once I vowed to compensate and not frog I have convinced myself only myself and Ellen Chester will ever know the difference.  Somehow even after counting three times, the central stem is too short and then I don't know what I was distracted by, but the flower pot is about 5 stitches too wide.   Like I said, since I have already started the border, I am compensating!


Karyn said...

You need a huge Ma Teakettle Hug, my friend!


:)BTW, you just described most of my days!

Sarah Lindfield said...

Congrats on the kitchen sort out!! Sorry about the frogging too!! OMG the living room too and now you are lost in the bedroom, is there no stopping this woman!

Ellen said...

Hope you're enjoying this project.

I sure wouldn't worry about making the piece the same as the model unless it bothers you.

I'm probably the queen of frogging--I spent more than two hours earlier today ripping soemthing out--egads!!

Hope you'll send me some photos for my blog when you get the piece completed.