Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Small Changes - Week 16

Touch it once and handle it!  I can't count the times I pick up something and more it from here to there only to pick it up and handle it again later.   I am making extra work for myself.  

When I am extremely overwhelmed at work and my desk looks like a front end loader dumper a billion pieces of paper on my desk and I need to make sense of it, I pick up each paper and handle it start to finish.   Usually in an hours time I can clean and sort my desk to the order I prefer.  Some things get sorted and sub-sorted but at least like things are together.  And it makes it not so overwhelming.   It makes the job manageable and I don't fear I have forgotten something...perhaps something important! 

So, why I ask myself, don't I do this at home?   It would work great with the junk mail.   I carry it in and look through it to see if there is something important.  Put it down.   Move it to the other side of the kitchen counter.   Pick it up and move it again when I cook dinner.  Stack it up in yet another place to take the time to review it on the weekend.   I mean what is up with that?   I have been doing the same thing with the laundry.   Wash it, dry it, fold it, leave it in the basket!  Move the basket, dig through the basket, hide the basket.  Just think how easy it would be to put everything away right away.

I don't know when this bad habit started.   This is not the way I used to do things.   Somewhere along the way when we all go so busy things started to but put off until I had time later.   This bad habit of mine stops this week for I will Touch It Once and Handle It!!!!

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Catherine said...

Can I borrow that thought as well? And how can I plant that into my childrens' heads???