Wednesday, April 14, 2010

TUSAL Posting!

WaHoo!  I made it in the right day.  First a pix of my mug and all my bits in it.    Well I think at the rate I am going, I will need a new jar before long.   So that got me thinking.....hmmmm, what am I going to be like the Cat Lady with a 100 cats in her tiny house but me with my hundreds of jars of thread bits in my house..... then I remember what a girl I worked with told me her father did each spring.    He would set out bits of thread, yarn and string for the birds to pick up and use in their nests.   Well I don't know if it really is something the birds do but I am up for trying.    You can see my mason jar from last year behind and to the left.  Jar in hand,  I took last years bits/orts and sprinkled them around the yard.  I lined some on the pavers that edge a garden so I can observe if they 'disappear'.    It will be funny to see a nest with some metallics! 
I think of it as recycling.


SparkCrafted said...

omg, i can only imagine what Mr. Wonderful thinks of this batty endeavor. :-P

Catherine said...

I did the same thing! Some threads are gone and some are still hanging around! A pair of sparrows was busy today building a nest in the basket I have on my front door!! Now we have to knock on the door before we open it so they fly out! This happened a couple of years ago and one day I forgot to knock, opened the door and the bird flew up right into the house!