Sunday, March 27, 2011 I ate cupcakes!

I have had a busy ten days capped off with two fundraisers in the same day.  And of course, true to form, I am not talking attending fundraisers, I am talking working at fundraisers.    It is all good though.   I did pack my stitching with a glimmer of hope that I would be able to get in a stitch or two between hot dog and soda sales but was only able to accomplish about a dozen stitches.  

A brief re-cap of my schedule includes straight from work Friday to the Y to set up for the Saturday a.m. vendor and craft fair.  When the vendor fair closed mid-afternoon, we wrapped up, loaded up concession supplies into my car, headed home for a quick change of clothes and headed to the local high school where the we (and when I say "we", it means only me and one other fool), were selling refreshments at the county pageant for the Miss New Jersey Pageant.   A friend is the County Director and recruited our 'services'.

All this is just the build up to the cupcake incident and contributing factors to why I am heading to be the 500 lb woman.

I finally roll into the house about 11 last night and just wanted some mindless entertainment.  Well, Mr. Wonderful has been in action again.   While I was busying myself for 36 hours with volunteer work, Mr. W. had set about to change our satelite tv to a cable provider.  I just wanted to scroll aimlessly through tv channels last night or perhaps watch a show I had DVR'd earlier in the week and I couldn't get anything but a green screen.   We went from having to use three controlers to activate all the "devices" to one - which will be nice - but there is an obvious learning curve on my end.   So, what to do next, hmmmm, log onto my laptop and surf some blogs while I unwind......not going to happen last night.   My laptop was not recognized by the new cable internet.   Like with the remote, I tried to maneuver around and access tools, etc. to no avail.   I guess I didn't retain too much of my five minutes of instructions Mr. W. gave me as I was tallying the cash box from the morning event  and setting up the cash box for the evening event and setting my hair  and doing my nails to get out the door.   I know I can multitask with the best of them but it was not the best of times to try to teach me all about the electronic nuances of our new set up.   At this point, I figure I have irrevocably changed and scrambled controler  settings, Comcast will be needed to undo what I have done and will get the fuzzy eyeball in the morning along with the "what were you trying to do conversation".....   So disgusted and just wanted some comfort,  I sat and played a couple of rounds of solitaire while eating two leftover cupcakes that were a casualty of transportation between venues when a inattentive youth skateboarded into my path on the road causing me to swerve and cupcakes to slide and flip.

Today, yes, today, I plan to stitch, and veg out, and do as little as possible.  Oops!  Forgot, got a ton of concession paraphanailia stuffed into my car that needs to be taken back to the YMCA.   Well, it was nice for about 30 seconds to dream of a lazy day.

I hope to post more about my trip to the AQS show in Lancaster PA last weekend.   Oh boy, a shopping frenzy was had. 

As always, thanks for visiting and I love all your comments.


Kimmie said...

I'm trying to get my PTO treasurer stuff ready for our school carnival on Friday. I figure I'll work on it a little while....then go hide somewhere.

wish I had some cupcakes. LOL

Christine said...

Great story! Entertaining and funny ands so many can relate to that initial changing of internet service.

PS: Love your music!

Susan said...

Thanks for an entertaining story, Robin! Carry on and have another cupcake.

Catherine said...

Hope today went better for you!!