Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sew, this is what I didn't need but got anyway

Photos are here!!!! Seems I can load them using the desktop system but not the laptop.   That will have to be remedied!  3/29/11

Last week in Lancaster at the Quilt Show - what a fantastic respite from work and schedules and obligations!   My daughter, her friend Sarah  and I went to the AQS Show at the Lancaster Marriott.   WOW!  Let me just start with the room - 17th floor, corner room, glass on two walls and a clear day and could see for miles.    Heather did good booking that room.

I did my usual, up to Philly on Friday night, and we headed out Saturday morning.   Of course, Henry the talking gnome was with us.  Heather and I don't travel anywhere without Henry.   Like seven hours to Boston with a gnome who records what you say only to repeat it back in chipmunk talk - yes, lots of laughs and side splitting silly humor.   Of course, there is the now and again rude sentence or current song recorded to which elicits more laughter.

Now for the show.  I for one have decided, I like the Mancuso Show's better.   Can't exactly put my finger on what I like better - venue? maybe.   The Marriott is beautiful but the show is in three different ballrooms on three different floors and then there are vendors located at other hotels about 10 miles away.   In the past there has been a shuttle between the two but I am not sure they did that again this year.
Look at this fabby fabric....and what I plan to make with it.....below

 a tote bag and Humbug pattern.   I just love Humbugs!  They are so adorable.

My purchases - like I needed anything - like we didn't need to stop at the Quilt Block in Chester County on the way home -  I got fat quarters and patterns and kits for Christmas ornies and spring time pillows too that I just fancied!

These were just so whimsical to me and I had to have them.   Maybe I can make a humbug tool bag for my stitch supplies!

Love the Civil War fabrics.....all that was really on my shopping list....
Got this cutie to work on as a diversion from cross stitching

Christmas Ornies Kits and all the fixins'

Finally I got my 1930's retro fabric that I have wanted forever

My next quilting project is a strip quilt with these
and these goodies ..... aren't they just too too cute??

Love this laminated card full of different stitch examples

This is pre-colored linen.   Stitch as little or as much as you want!

Love Bareroots!

This Bareroots is colored with crayons and then stitch the outlines.   I can't wait to start this one!

And last, my Block of the Month for March.
 (I secretly think it the new crap-o-la wireless router and not eBlogger where the problem lies.  Mr. W. knows computers but not blogging and HE  is not have a problem on his desktop......I on the other hand and struggling with the laptop connection.    Too be continued.......hopefully with pix and more (positive) commentary.   For now, I have one last thing to clean and then I can put my feet up and stitch.


Deb said...

Darn, the pictures aren't showing up. I'll check back later!

Susan said...

Nice haul, Robin!! So. . .am I going to see that finished bag on Saturday at sampler guild?

Siobhan said...

What a great new pile o'stash! Love your BOM, too.