Sunday, March 13, 2011

A semi free weekend and what do I do??

Clean!   Crazy I know.   In my parts of the county we are just starting to see the signs of spring.   Robins are hopping here and there.  Folks out walking their dogs; kids on bikes and my tulips are just starting to poke through the mulch.  I have to say that I just love all seasons!  Just when you've had enough cold, comes the anticipation of spring and warmer days.  

Drat!  Can never turn photos when I try to!!
Yesterday, I enjoyed going to my guild meeting.   A too busy calendar and snow storm has kept me away since the November meeting.   For shame on me.  These ladies are so diverse and so talented with each bringing something special to our meetings.   One guilty pleasure was my copies of Inspirations.  Jane, one of our lovely ladies, takes orders for the subscription and sorts out everyone's copy.  It saves on the postage.   I wonder if Jane realizes the guilty pleasure she is bringing to all of us?   I for one, curled up on the sofa last night and just drooled over the pages.   I have never seen instructions documented so well.

Look at their instructions! 

Bookmarks for Literacy
Our Service Project this month is to make bookmarks for literacy.   We used card stock and punch holes in it and then stitch.    I kind of didn't stay within the punched holes!    Oh well.....

So, I got home from guild, and decided I needed to rearrange my living room.   Huh?   How do I get from one to the other?   I am maintaining my closet/cupboard a weekend cleanout.   I mean seriously, if I can't remember using it in the last two years or let alone remember I have something, there is no sense in keeping it for the sake of keeping it.   I am accumulating xerox boxes full of stuff for either a yard sale or to donate.  That brings me to the point of the living room.   I emptied two free standing bookcases.  They were the sides of an entertainment center that had long since been used as one.  These two monsters have been center stage of my living room for two weeks.   I convinced Mr. Wonderful to get them outside to the shed and THAT is what starting the rearranging frenzy.   I sorted and cleaned and wiped baseboards and rearranged furniture as well as what was on the walls.   I love rearranging the knick knacks and wall art because it is always like getting something new or rediscovering an old favorite.  

I actually started yesterday in my dining room and laundry room.   I had stacked the various Valentine decorations on the table just waiting to be put away.    I haven't got my spring flowers out yet but I did 'green'  up my table.  My sister had a great agate tray on her table and it looked so clever so I came home and copied her idea.

Geez!  The wrinkles.  I could have ironed it before the entire world was to see it!

For today, I did my next best favorite (house cleaning related) thing - I washed windows.   Really, I do love to wash windows.   Goofy I know.  I guess because I love the end result. 

They really are gleaming!
Please pardon the wrinkles.   Hazard of working on several projects at once.
Not a whole lot of stitching progress happening here for a myriad of reasons.  Too many evening meetings and fundraisers and the accompanying paperwork and also my resolve not to be a couch potato.   Me and Mr. Arthur Right-us have an issue.   The more I sit on the couch, the more I stiffen and the joints start to aching.   I am trying a new approach - trying to keep my physically active and jumping on the treadmill each morning for 20 minutes instead of stitching.   I wonder if we could put our little stitchy heads together and figure out a way to stitch AND exercise?   Well there would be a lot of very svelt stitchers out there I am sure. 

Trust me, they may not look like tulips but they are.
I see my tulips have broken through the ground. I just planted these last fall and have been anticipating their arrival since. The Crocus and Early Snow Drops are up as well. For now, I feel like I have a jump on spring, at least with the spring house cleaning, so much that I will be ready to get outside when it finally it warm enough to work out there. I guess that only leaves the mounds of paperwork to catch up on. Yuck, the last thing I want to see after a day of paperwork at the office!


Siobhan said...

You like washing windows. Hmmm. This is a foreign concept to me. Hmm. Confusion Will Rogers, confusion. Hmmm.


Love the stitching! Your green tray is so nice, too--very nice and Spring-y.

Isn't Inspirations wonderful?? A friend in the UK sent one over for me and I just love it. DH was looking through the issue that I have and asked why I haven't started embroidering some pillows. LOL I want to do some at some point! Their instructions are so thorough.

Pumpkin said...

LOL! Don't feel badly, that's what I've been doing this week but only because DH has been gone and that's the only time I can get anything done! ;o)

Great projects you have going. Love the pumpkin :o)

A crocus! Ohhhhh, so pretty!

Peggy Lee said...

Washing windows? Sounds like you have too much energy!
I'm glad to have found your blog Robin, by way of Catherine (Bramblewood Stitches). I met with Catherine yesterday and had a wonderful time.
It seems I am in your neck of the woods right now!