Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rah rah rah!

Three cheers - not much stitching going on but need to give three cheers out --

This scene should have my sister with scissors cutting my hair!
Oops!  I hope I don't my sister laugh and hurt her incision.
 First and foremost, the staff at Virtua Hospital/Marlton where my sister had surgery this past Wednesday....they were so attentive to us, keeping us informed during the surgery, offering support and making us feel welcomed.  Not to mention the Pre-op staff, nurses and doctors were great!  I know that sounds crazy - feeling welcomed ?? in a hospital but it definitely was not the cold harsh sterile feeling you get elsewhere.   Best news is that my sister came through the surgery with flying colors.  It was one of those surgeries that you don't know til you get 'in there' what may have to be done and everything was AOK!  We hope she will be coming home on Monday or Tuesday.

Second cheer goes to Project Freedom Village.  I helped move a friend into this totally handicapped accessible two bedroom apartment yesterday.   It is so very nice for her to now be able to wheel right into the shower, to not have to struggle down narrow hallways or through narrow doorways and to be able to roll right under both the bathroom and kitchen sinks and to be able to roll right out the door to get outside and not have to rely on someone to be available to lift her.  It has to give her such a good feeling of independence.

And the third cheer - to me!  I won a one year membership to Longwood Gardens at a Red Cross fundraiser on Friday night.   Longwood is a formerl duPont estate and the gardens are world renown.   Each season brings elaborate displays, light shows and fountains.    I can see me spending a Saturday there real soon.

Hopefully this week will have calmer, quieter things in store for me and there will be some stitching accomplished.  Maybe tonight when ARMY WIVES returns!  I can't wait.   It is a favorite show of mine and I am glad it is now coming on an hour earlier.   At a minimum, this week I need to sew a new zipper into Mr. W.'s favorite hoodie at the risk of being banished if I don't!

Have a good week all and stitch away!


Jodie said...

Great news about your sister Robin!! It sounds like you've had quite an eventful week...congrats on your win, that would be soooo exciting!!

Nancy said...

Robin, I give you 3 cheers also!! I am glad that your sister come through her surgery so well. And I agree that your friend probably feels so good with the newly gained independence. And the membership to Longwood Gardens! Wow!! It has been years since I have been to Longwood Gardens. Just loved it then. Hope to be able to visit there when I make a trip back to PA next year. My nephew has asked me to come for his high school graduation. I did some stitching today on my dragon. Just have to finish the backstitching and do the metallic half stitches for the wings and it will be a finish. After 2 years....yay!! Hope you have a wonderful week.

Siobhan said...

Yeay!! Everything sounds great. I'm so glad your sister's surgery went well. At first, I read the hospital's name as 'virtual', and I thought--huh?? LOL I love Longwood Gardens! Enjoy.

ohiofarmgirl said...

Sounds like you are busy too. Thanks for stopping by! Dianntha