Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 8

or maybe 9 or 10......of being sick and officially FED UP with this.   I say day 9 or 10 because you know when you start to get sick but don't recognize it?   Think it is allergies; think working outside in the wind all day is the reason for the earache.  I went to work for about 3 hours yesterday before my boss sent me home.

Today I am feeling somewhat human and can't possibly watch anymore episodes of Criminal Minds or Law & Order SVU, I got my camera out to snap a few pictures of progress to share.  

With these extra days home, stitching between coughing and napping I think I will manage to meet my self-imposed deadline of April 30th by finishing off these two.  I need to pick up some floss to make the cording to finish the smalls on the Icelandic Christmas.   The floss is on the list for retreat this weekend.  I hope to attempt the finishing on the board.  I am feeling somewhat guilty that I am taking off for two days after only being at work for less than 3 days in two weeks.   But this has been on the out of office calendar for months and I'll just have to get over it!

I am so close to completing Christmas Tree Farm by Victoria Sampler.......When I was about 95% completed, I broke the rule of stitching first, beading second just because I needed a change.

And the 'frogs' have come to visit.  The frogs are from a change I made......some of the white bands were stitched in #8 perle cotton and I felt it was too heavy so I changed it out with #12.   Bored much with all this time on my hands?   I think yes.

This one has been in my stash forever.   I was intimidated to start it and when my EGA started a Never Been Stitched challenge this year, I knew it was time.  The leaflet, linen, silks and beads came kitted up.   I did change out some of the tree colors along the way because the silks did not show well on the blue.  It worked up relatively fast and I think I made it all the way to the last band before I messed up something and had to do a bit of compensating stitches.

Just need to cross over that bridge to grandma's house and I will be done!

I am off to search projects and make a decision of what to take with on retreat.


cucki said...

Sweet stitching..
Sending you big hugs xxx

Catherine said...

What pretty stitches! Hope you are feeling better!