Sunday, April 28, 2013

Oh the joy....

Just back from 4 days in Ocean City MD and a cross stitch retreat.....ahhhhhh.   Better than a Calgon Take Me Away bath it is to be with friends and stitching.

We stopped at Serendipity Quilt Shop in Dagsboro on the way down.   I picked up several different sizes and colors of ric-rac.   Do I have a project in mind for the ric-rac?   No, but I needed it.   It's an exercise in stash building.

I only got my camera out once and wasn't able to really capture the true beauty of the moonrise.

This is what I pulled from my stash to start at this season's retreat.   It is really working up fast.
The little needle minder that looks like the end of a spool of thread was a little gift to myself because I like the nostalgic look.

Bought some peanut butter kisses (saltwater taffy with peanut butter inside) as "I'm sorry" candy for two co-workers who I bit their faces off.   (Really was their fault because I told them I didn't feel good and I was miserable and they should leave.....but they didn't and I barked at them.)

Not sure why I am on a Halloween kick, but I am.
 More Halloween and a patriotic stitch.

And another group project.   We all enjoyed the Santa we stitched together last year and we found another one to work on as a SAL.   I am not sure when we will start it but four of us are on board to do it.

I was also able to get in the first four rows and part of the fifth my guild white work SAL.   Sorry, it is too hard to see but trust me, it's there.   I will try to get a better shot and replace this one.  Excuse the little ends of my away knows.  Haven't woven the ends in yet.

Halfway home I got an uneasy feeling.   Mr. Wonderful was so anxious for me to go this weekend which is totally unlike him.   Not that he has a problem with me going on my excursions; it is more like - whatever.   But this time, he was very encouraging and actually insistent when I was considering cancelling because I had been so I got to thinking, Why did he want me out of the house?   What was he buying?  Was he getting us a new kitten since Miss Babykakes went missing?  As  the girls quickly unloaded their bags and switched cars, I came in to find a set of shiney new keys on the table.   Ut-oh!  Mind was racing.   A John Deere Gator, another Kawasaki Mule, a Kubota????   No, it was just new keys to the new locks on the drum corp trailers.   Whew!  Dodged a bullet there!  Hmmm, Mr. W. may have turned over a new leaf.


Deb said...

I don't think that you needed a reason to buy that rick rack, do you? We see it and we buy it. We'll use it sometime! It's sometimes hard to find great colors of that.

Sounds like your retreat was wonderful and I love that spool end needle minder. A friend just recently gifted me with one and I love it.

You picked up some great stash and I can't wait to see your next shot of the whitework. That always seems so daunting to me.

cucki said...

aww sound like retreat was so lovely..
sweet stash and very lovely stitching x

Chris said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Lovely new stash. Great stitching progress too. So glad that you didn't come home to a big surprise!

geeky Heather said...


*ahem* OK, the stitching and stash are lovely, and now you are going to think I am a complete weirdo, but the peanut butter kisses!! I used to get this candy when I was a kid and we went to visit my grandmother in Lancaster, far as I knew, they only made this candy there and you could only get it at Market in Lancaster! I have never seen it elsewhere, and no one I have ever talked to has even heard of it before. And now I find out I can order it online!!! So, thank you for posting that picture!

Catherine said...

Great goodies!!