Sunday, May 5, 2013

This, that and the other

just random catching up......

Still haven't put the last few stitches I need to complete the Christmas Tree Farm but it is on the to-do list for this week.  I have been really taken away with my new stitch, Witchy Washy.  It is a quick stitch.....may not seem as so since little progress can be seen...blame it on continued extra hours at work and being totally brain dead and in a daze when I get home at night.  I do get my stitching out at night but soon find myself sitting up straight, needle in hand but fast asleep.
Witchy Washy
from Raise the Roof

My gardens have suffered as well.  I really thought I had a good handle on the weeding then two weeks with sinus infection and bronchitis messed that up.  Hopefully I will get in a few hours each night this week (if it is still daylight) after work.  Work has taken a toll on my housework as well but given the choice.....let me be outside!  Until I get them in shape, I can enjoy this gift from my daughter.   She stitched up Drawn Threads Perennial Garden finishing it into a little pillow using some antique silk to make piping for the edge. Next best thing to stitching is getting a stitched gift!  I love it!

Yesterday I continued a tradition that started with my mom over 30 years ago.  My daughter and I and her friend attended the Wilmington House and Garden Tour.  It takes you to beautiful estates and gardens in the Brandywine Valley (south eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware) and you are never far from a duPont estate.   I am inspired to get outside and dig and weed and plant all day!

Look here!  We treated Heather's friend Sarah to a day out.   She brought her latest addition - Tessa.

This is how Tessa enjoy many of the gardens.

What a dream she was.  She was good as gold and was a hit a each site.

Enjoy the photos.  All photos are clickable for larger views.  Unfortunately they don't do near justice to how pretty everything was.   And after several hours of photo taken, my camera battery died before we were halfway through!  Drat!

 This reflection pond was totally awesome.

 DuPont Home, "Fair Hill' built in 1930

 Formerly the Carriage House to Fair Hill, above.   It was awesome the way they kept the original carriage door architectural in the renovations.

 This former carriage house turned into a 3,300 square foot home boasted a green house larger than my entire first floor of my house.

I love the plank of wood with random candles.    I want to try this!


Catherine said...

Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing!!

cucki said...

Aww sweet stitching..and super sweet post with lovely pictures..
Big hugs x

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

your daughter is talented, the pillow she stitched for you is gorgeous, cute baby photos too : )

Lynn said...

Love the favorite Drawn Thread!!

Sarah Lampesalot said...

Awww.... thank you so much for the most wonderful day out!!! Tessa and I had such a great time with you guys! I love all the pictures... can't wait to show them to Josh and I almost forgot about the candles on the hanging piece of wood... I want to try that too!!! Post pictures if you end up doing it...