Saturday, April 25, 2009

A day without stitching...

What what what! A day without stitching!!!! Say it aint so. Well it happens sometimes but I do feel a withdraw and a jonesing for the needle and thread. I am so addicted. I feel like I need to stitch each day or it is like an arm is missing. So, you ask why then have I not stitched?

Today was a community event....Christmas in April....where a team from my company assisted someone less able or less fortunate with much needed house and garden work. It is a very rewarding this to help others. The turn out, about 40, or about 1/5 of the employees, was great. The homeowner was so appreciative and you know, it is the kind of work that does not seem like work. Of course there was the whole beautiful day and being outside with girlfriends that didn't hurt.

So now......showered and in my jammies and with a big old cup of coffee...........things like dishes and laundry can wait. I am unzipping the vinyl bag and popping out the fabric, needle and thread as I type. I admit it....I need my fix.

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