Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fixing up things

I meet with my contractor tonight. I need so my little things done. I would like to be 100% once the housing market turns to be in a position to downsize. Of course, and I do repeat myself I am sure, that the only problem is for my husband and I to agree on style and location of a new home. To entice my contractor I held the large carrot of a laundry room makeover and then tacked on all the other little things. I hope we can get this all done for a reasonable amount. My guy is good, or rather he is great, but that comes with a price.

One suggesion he made the I had not thought of was to get high efficiency stacking washer and dryer. Hmmm, that was an expense I didn't think about and with a wedding this summer I don't know. But now he has me thinking. Discussed it with my spouse and we are going to look. It would give me floor space not to mention the energy savings. And I am all about energy savings. Sometimes my kids tell me I am greener than they are and that is saying something.

I am also having a utility sink put it which will be great. No more cleaning paint trays and such in the kitchen sink! It will be great for my stained glass work or when dying reed for baskets. I am excited even if we don't do the washer and dryer. Fresh, nice new drywall, new cabinetry/shelving, no more dropped ceiling, new floor......are you getting a visual of how ugly my laundry room is.......this time I will have to definitely remember to take before and after pix. I think it is the only room I have not done anything to but paint in the 27 years I have lived here. It's a selling feature! Right, I can rationalize anything. Watch for posts on my project......

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