Friday, September 25, 2009

Slow Progress

I just haven't been able to get in any solid stitching time lately. I need one of those good ole uninterrupted Saturday afternoons of nothing but stitching. Seems like I sit down to stitch after everything calms down in the evening and I quickly fall asleep with needle in hand and only a dozen stitches complete. I take my needlework to work everyday on the chance I take some lunch hour time to stitch a bit. I do manage to stitch once or twice week that way but again only for too few minutes. hmmmm, sounds like it is time for a needlework retreat.

My stitchers group is having a retreat the first weekend in October but unfortunately I never signed up. I am regretting not signing up and can't for the life of me think why I didn't. All is not lost, I am going to a Stampin Up all day workshop so that is good. Better yet, my daughter is going with me. Last year both daughters went and my New Englander became a quick addict to Stampin Up. She returned to New England and found demonstrators in her area and quickly has become one of their regulars at their weekly SAL's.

So you can see I haven't made much. And as you can see, I got bored with working on side three of my etui and decided to do a bit on the bottom section. I figured since there was less to stitch on the bottom I would see faster progress. The old divert your attention to something else trick!

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Meari said...

Your WIPs look great!

I just read your "Words of Wisdom" and I love it!