Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stash - a - lanche!

Years ago when the kids were little and one would open the imfamous "tupperware closet" and tupperware would explode all over the place, the phrase Tupperware Alanche was coined in my house. That soon progressed to the Pan-alanche; luggage-alanche; box-alanche and so on. Imagine indoctrinating my son's 6 year old(at the time) stepson in the foreign world of "alanches". He now routinely has alanches. I did have to deftly explain to him that repeating to his teacher about alanches was something he shouldn't do. Saying that I felt like I was asking him to hide something. So I had to explain further that nothing was wrong with alanches but that they were something Aunt Robin (me) had made up and no one outside of our family would understand.

My grown children have alanches of their own right. Fiber-alanches, project-alanches, stuff-alanches, dogfood-alanches! It just is the perfect way to describe on overwhelming mess of things.

So this weekend I have a stash-a-lanche that I need to take care of. I am sure before I am finished my alanche with gather more stuff as it rolls out of the containers, off the shelves and out of the cabinet. I have been going in and out of my supplies to quickly grab this bead or that fabric or this trim or floss and I am truly all muddled up. Not only that.....all my "I just have to have" patterns, kits and booklets need to get in order. This has created an additional alanche taking own it's own life. A double alanche!

Did you ever find you have two of the same project? Just proves to me that you really liked it. I also hope to kit up some projects making a list of things I still need to have complete ready to stitch kits. My husband will be wrapped up in NASCAR and the Miracle Mile this weekend so after I do my chores I know what I will be doing.

It will feel good to get it in order and to take inventory of what I have. It will almost be like going to a show as a rediscover what I have! Hey! I know I am not alone here...maybe you don't call yours a stash-a-lanche but a stash-a-lanche is still a stash-a-lanche but whatever name you give it.

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Meari said...

Good luck with getting your stash-alanche organized!