Sunday, September 27, 2009

All neat and tidy

It took a large part of the day but I managed to sort and organize my Stash-a-lanche. Of course one thing always leads to another and I couldn't organize until I cleaned the whole upstairs. I rearranged furniture and the storage units I was going to use and the older I get the more OCD I find I am. I just couldn't dig out a new mess without straightening the existing mess. My end result is an upstairs worthy of houseguests and the overwhelming realization the I had no idea of what I had tucked here and there.

I managed to sort and organize leaflets and magazines of interest. I also put all my works in progress - more that I realized! - into the zipper mess look bags. Each with all floss, instructions and embleshments. I also kitted up in similar bags the patterns I have the fabric and/or fiber for. And then there are the flyers of I'd like to do someday.

It was a great way to spend the afternoon and a great way to warm the heart and senses as I remembered when and where I bought some of the flyers. Even better, I created an excel sheet last night with my kitted, partially kitted and future to-do's on it. I will be going through the patterns again today and want to list the suggested fibers and fabrics and stitch count. This way when I go to an event or store, I will be able to buy what I need instead of buying something I think may work. There is an event in Lancaster in a couple of weeks that I hope to travel to. Later in the month, Criss Cross Row, an online store based in Delaware, is going out of business. A two day sale at a local yarn store will be held to help to liquidate Criss Cross Row's inventory. I think it could be a win/win chance to help with the liquidation and help me kit up some more future projects.

Next thing I think I will do is sort thoses WIP's in order of how I plan to complete them! Not sure if that will start with the one closest to completion or what. And of course the vow to not start anything new until I finish something.


Meari said...

Congrats on getting everything organized. :) I know what you mean about the OCD part. Happens to me, too!

Stitch Witch said...

I think the OCD trait is common amoung stitchers. Either that or me and my group of stitching buddies are just getting older and it is common with age! I prefer the idea that stitchers are OCD and it has nothing to do with age.