Saturday, October 3, 2009

Good Stuff x's two or more!

Today was double, maybe even a triple great day. First I went to a Stampin Up event with my daughter and her friend Val. It was great. Val was the total newbie not only to Stampin but to being crafty. Well shall we say, she's hooked. The stamp set that was featured was one that I wouldn't have looked at twice at in the catalog. As always the demonstrators are too too clever. Their displays of other cards and items left us all inspired to come home and stamp-a-stack. Talk about organized! I think I am organized but they make the best of us look shabby. They must all take Organization 101, 102, 103 AND 104!

This one is my favorite - I love the color combination.

This was neat too. I'd be happy to get this as a Thanksgiving Day card.

What a lovely gift this little greeting card pocketbook could make. A great teacher's gift with little note cards, etc.

Not too sure about this one. The technique was cool but the card left little area to write a message.

While I was out crafting my hubbie went out and brought me a new laptop. My old one was 4 or 5 years old and I have been very frustrated all summer with the slowness, the crashing, and so on. I even fried the fan and overheated it last year. I use my laptop alot! It travels will me. I am on the internet far more hours than I care to admit. As with any new toy, I have sat here for the last hour moving files into folders and just plan navigating about the system. Got some cool new programs and a cool new shiney screen. MS Notebook! I hope I have this at work because it will make my job easier! I need to log onto MS Tuturials to check it out.

Now I am up to number three fabulous things that happened today....I took a nap. Silly as that may seem, I am not a nap taker. I don't take naps. Naps are for silly, frilly, frou-frou girlie women. Not that naps are a bad thing but I never had the priviledge of the time to be able to take a nap. Three kids to run after, followed by entering the world of work and being on every school and community committee that comes down the pike...who could nap? But today, I threw myself across the sofa, with the sliding glass door open and birds singing and took a nap. It was good!

Finally, I thought I had lost my instructions for my Petit Sampling Etui. I looked high and low for the last couple of days and could not find my instructions ANYWHERE!! I had pages 1, 4, 6 and 7 of 13 with my WIP stitching but was missing all the other pages. I was one day away from emailing the director of my guild and throwing myself on her mercy to make me copies of her instructions all the while having to admit I must be a scatterbrain. ..
So you know how it is when you look for something? You look and look in the same place KNOWING what you are looking for IS there. Again and again you go to the same place and what you need it is not there. As I walked through my family room I see on the bottom of the pile mail and filing on my desk the blue guild folder where I keep the instructions. I swear I looked there previously. But all is well. My instructions are back in my hot little stitching hands.  Here's the pic of my status with the instructions *neatly* in the background............

Perhaps the stress of realizing I was not the Queen of Organization that I thought I was was too much and is why I took a nap.

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CindyMae said...

Sounds like a fantastic day indeed!!! I now what you mean about the naps, I rarely ever have the time for one of them and it is wonderful when the time comes for one!!!