Friday, December 18, 2009

Bracing for the nor-easter!

OMG....they are talking 8 to 14" of snow.   I can't wait.   I will be sitting in my warm toasty kitchen baking cookies and wrapping presents.   There will be the occasional, no rather, the frequent trips outside to shovel.   I use the shovel once an hour to keep it under control method. 

I brought some work home to do as well.  Hopefully I will do the normal get up at the butt crack of dawn thing even on my day off.   If so, then a cup of tea and a good two hours will be like 3 days at work!  Sad but it is the only way I can keep up. 

This time tomorrow night I may be snowbound and there will be nothing to do but snuggle and stitch!!!!  I think the lack of any real stitching this week put me in such a grumpy mood.   I need to correct that right now.....after a quick visit to weather to check the blizzard's progress. 


Catherine said...

My routine will be very similar to yours today! We are hunkered down here in Chester County!

Carol said...

We got snow today, too, Robin! Don't you love it when you can just stay inside and admire it?

Merry, merry Christmas to you and your family!