Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hand over Fist!

I have been plodding along here since the holidays watching my dimes and pennies for no other reason than it just seems to be my January - February ritual.   The calm after the holiday frenzy.   I have packed lunch, haven't been to the mall, haven't shopped at Boscov's, Target or Kohl's since the week between Christmas and New Year's and then BAM! all of a sudden the money have been pooring out hand over fist. 

It seems the last two weeks I have been to a  fundraising dinner, birthday lunches at work, dinner with a friend from high school, a quick dinner out before class, a special present for my little brother.   It seems to be feast or famine.  You have nothing or have everything at once.  Somewhere in there, I succumbed to one of my crazy passions.   Postcards!  I love to search ebay and find old post cards from my town.  Look at these....they were 5 for $5 so no biggie. 

  I just like to imagine what those ladies walking on pier were thinking or saying where exciting they were off too.  Click on the image above.   The ladies are on the top card to the right. 

Or what about the kids in front of the school.   Truth be told, it was probably some artist rendering. then there was this pattern I couldn't live without......isn't it darling?  Thankfully I had never put in print a pledge to complete all my WIP's before buying anything new.    But I will go out on a little bit of a limb to vow to complete some before I start yet another project.   I often wonder if I have some sort of crafters ADD.   Seriously, I love the start, I love the progress and then somewhere at 85% finished I lose interest.  And it doesn't matter how large or small the project may be!

Then I ordered these pretty counting/marking pins.   Somewhere along the way I didn't read the fine print that these are suited to canvas work......just means they will be a give away and I will have to head over to Tommye's site to order the right size for me.   They are too pretty.  It is nice to surround youself with pretty things.   I just might have to order the matching scissors fob when I order the correct size for myself!


Anonymous said...

I adore the new little project and the counting pins are really pretty, I have a pair but with pink beads. I agree you should be surrounded by things that you love. It's good for the soul.

Catherine said...

I know what you mean about the money! Between regular bills, car & appliance repairs, scout camp fees, baseball fees (some new equipment yet to come), birthdays, etc. I can not get ahead - let alone get all the new stash I would like to have!

That new pattern is adorable!

Love the postcards! I have some old ones too of my hometown and my husbands. They can be a relatively cheap way to decorate.

Bummer about the pins. Couldn't you return/exchange them? Although, giveaways are always fun!

Happy Stitching!

Tracey said...

Love your postcards! I collect postcards too- all kinds- I never thought to look on ebay- how silly of me!

BRD Girl said...

Robin, please come and get your Beautiful Blogger Award from my post:

Happy Friday!