Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Small Changes - Week 12

This week my small change is to read the local paper daily.   The paper, which non-resident friends have called only good for fish wrap, is only 10 to 12 pages long and 3 of those are real estate and car sales.   But I need to read it to keep up on local events, local sales and heaven forbid the obituaries to see if a loved one of a friend may have passed.   

I used to read the paper more religiously when the kids were younger to make sure I knew about upcoming events,  knew the school lunch menu, saw the game scores and event the occasionally name of your kid in print. 

I have to thank all of you who have commented on My Small Changes and other posts.   Blogging has become a great outlet and way to chronicle my life and I really enjoy it.   My Small Changes started because there was not just one thing I needed to change as a New Year's Resolution and there you have it.   I  am amazed at how my other's identify and have chimed in, .....hey yeah, me too, I need to do that.......Reading the paper each morning with fit right in with my stopping to eat breakfast each morning!  
Again, not a big change or a big deal but it wouldn't be a small change if it were. 

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.

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Deb said...

Changes, whether small or large, are good. But I'm with you, I made this year a year of small changes. Like giving up sugar with my coffee (saves calories), picking up things as soon as I mess them up. It's amazing how nice my craft room looks now that I don't walk out until it's cleaned.