Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wow - What a week!

Working backwards from yesterday..... I had a bus trip and I was so excited to go, I kept waking up all night for fear I''d oversleep and miss the bus.  Yeah, sounds like I have no life.....oh contraire'.   Anyway, I took bus trip to Woodlawn.   This was my first trip to Woodlawn and what a wonderful day.   So much thanks to Pam Silverman of the Creative Needlework Guild in NJ.   Check out the slideshow of the Woodlawn display.   It was a great day; meet some new friends, became better friends with some acquaintances and just thoroughly enjoyed the day.   My husband teased me that I would be wasting the wonderful springtime weather they were predicting on a bus trip.   Oh, he just doesn't get it.  

So after our lunch at Woodlawn, which was very  very good,  and a couple of walks through the mansion we went by bus to In Stitches needlework shop.   Oh I want to move to Alexandria VA so they can become my LNS!!!!  The ladies had lite refreshments set up for our little bus group in their classroom and we made it worth their efforts as we all left with purchases in hand.     Yes, there were some things that I just HAD to get to add to my STABLE Stash.  And I got smart, I did the whole soup to nuts and got floss and fabric too.  

The staff of In Stitches provided goodie bags which were handed out on the way home.   I snagged a Just Nan!    It is "Pansies Please".

I haven't made the pledge not to buy more but I am making the pledge to NOT START anything new until something is finished.   Must be why I have dedicated my time to the Nan Tyson Euler class project.  My stitching progress has been slow.   I am working on the strap work of the Between the Sheets sampler.   And because I don't follow instructions too well, I did stitch in the gold and did not wait to do it last.   I mean, c'mom.......a girl's got to see what it is going to look like.

Let's see what I couldn't bear to leave at In Stitches....Litte House Needle and Thread;
JBW - French Country Alphabet, love JBW!!!  I couldn't decide between the WDW Purple Majesty or CC Four Leaf Clover so I got both flosses.

Shephard's Bush - My Mom's Garden.  Doesn't SB put together such a nice product?  Then a little quickie from Bent Creek called know if it has a squirrel, chances are I will stitch it.

Mrs. Waddlelow's Huswif --- another Ellen it!  Last it is Pineapple Welcome from Sunflower Samplings.  I've done one of theirs before.

Since I don't do well with stitching on a bus, I k'nitted.    My skill level is not the greatest so I k'nit dishclothes.   I did manage 1 1/2 dishclothes on the way.

Working back into the week past, I'll just give the highlights.   It was so hectic I never even posted my TUSAL!  Oh no, can't even keep up with that.   lol   Monday was just a 10 hour workday and collapsed when I got home.  Tuesday I enjoyed dinner with my brother and sister - always lots of laughing.   Wedensday - I was lucky to have my Gavers for dinner.   He has been doing so well in school and cub scouts and loves to read that I let him download a book to him to read on my Kindle!   Strict strict instructions that he is not to go onto the Amazon Whipsernet for fear he would download their entire library!    Friday - I worked 13 hours!  We put the annual report for the company to bed on Friday save for the final final review by officers over the weekend.   I spoke with our publisher and got really nice kudos from them which made it all worth it!    Funny they gushed at how I went over the top but I was just doing my normal work ethic.  

Gee - left out Thursday - after a harrowing  two days of running around doing my job and the job of another who was out on both Wedsnesday and Thursday - I went to class and proceeded to fall asleep when they turned out the lights.    Not so bad, but the teacher annouced "someone fell asleep!" when the lights went on and they all chimed in about my snoring.   How embarrassing!   Oh well......guess I was relaxed and comfortable.  So suffice it to say I made no progress on My Small Changes - Working on my files.

Now to get outside and enjoy this gorgeous day.


Catherine said...

Wow! You have been a busy girl!! So jealous that you had such a wonderful trip yesterday! Glad you did, just envious that I didn't have such a stitchy day!

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend!

Blu said...

Wow! Sounds like it was a crazy week!
Your new stash is lovely~

SparkCrafted said...

hahahahaha! i love that you fell asleep in your class!!! funny!

can't wait to plan for this saturday's gallivant to Lancaster! i'll try to call you tonight after 9ish.