Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week 11 - My Small Changes

I consider myself pretty 'with it' considering others I know my age.   I mean, I blog, I have a Facebook account, I have a Twitter account, I pay my bills online, I shop online, have a Paypal account, I buy on eBay, visit Craigslist, I backup my systems, I've eaten tofu for Pete's sake!   My filing system, however,  has not evolved with me.    It is still in the 90's.   In this age of more and more electronic files and fewer paper files, I need to do something.    About 10 years ago my husband took over the bill paying to my great relief.   I hate to say it but we are in better financial straights than we were when I did it but there are contributing factors.   a. better salaries; b. kids out of college; c. kids out of the house!  And he has the whole electronic filing system down.   It is me that needs to catch up.    shhh! we can't tell him that.

So look at my current system(ssss).  This is the filing cabinet that I hope to downsize to.  

I have a file cabinet which still houses interims reports from grammer school and my baby is almost 30!    (Maybe I should give them to him at his upcoming birthday!)  Look at the valuable space this is taking up in my craft room!

I have every tax return, just recently shredded the paystubs from my first job in 1973....those paystubs that were banded by year and stored away with my husband's from 1973 til (almost) current.  Fortunately for us, his company went electronic a few years ago.    I recently heard on TV on a tax tip the time frame for keeping files.  I need to destroy this time capsule I am keeping.   Not only do I have EVERYTHING from day one, I have it stored in 3 or 4 places. 

Trust me, this antique trunk holds all the tax returns,  my father's final tax returns and my mother's estate papers. 

One plastic file under my desk; another plastic file in my walk in closet!  Wouldn't it be nice if something were to happen to my husband and I that my kids would not have to play huckle-buckle bean stalk and go on a scavenger hunt to find things... ..and then they probably wouldn't find things til years later!And this is the stack 'o stuff on the shelf in my closet waiting to be filed. 

I have been sorting and purging closets and cabinets in my efforts to downsize as a pre-emptive strike prior  to  any thoughts of moving so why not my filing system?   I know I have owner's manuals to items that have gone the wayside.   So this week my small change is to be pro-active on cleaning and consolidating my filing.   This is going to involve much more than a week.   I need to make the start this week, one file, one folder at a time.   What a pile of shredding I will create.   It may require me taking an entire lunchtime at the company shredder!

On to stitchie stuff......not a whole lot of stitching time this week.   Stayed a few nights late at work because I am involved with the corporate annual report (saw the proto type Friday - it is awesome!!  We are going totally electronic to be green and I will post the link when done.  It is so pretty!!!)  I am doing no more than creating the schedule, coordinating the schedule and maintaining the schedule to keep everything on time.  Not to worry, I am not belittling that task.   Days of meetings, seriously Thursday was 8:30 - 12:30, Lunch meeting 12:30 - 2 and meeting 3 - how do you get your normal tasks done without staying a few extra hours.   And I had two days like that this week!!!!!  It's all good.  We all know we have those push times. 

And then there is the additional office I have taken on with my volunteer organization.   In addition to being the webmaster/secretary/membership chair, I am now the treasurer as well!  You know these volunteer organizations...there are never enough bodies to go around and we all wear multiple hats.   Long ago I learned that there are givers and takers in this world and that you can pretty much go through every situation and easily identify which line people fall into.....I know which line I end up in!   It is a good thing to give back and I am proud that my children all fall into that same line.

But to continue on the stitching......progress made on my Nan Tyson Euler piece and a couple of observations.    The progress part is the lettering in the center is now complete, I have extended the borders up the side to meet the band's progress and I learned I really dislike the stepped herringbone.   It is not a fast stitch.   Also, I have decided, even though the colors of the silks are beautilful and the feel is awesome, I am not a big fan of the *quick* change of the colors.  Literally, one stitch is light green and the next jumps right to dark green.    Personally I like the subtle varigation better but to each his I's all good. 

We had our monthly guild meeting yesterday and again it was no disappointment.   These ladies are awesome.   Awesomely friendly, awesomely talented.   We had a speaker in and although it takes from the stitching time the knowledge you gain is well worth it.  We are planning our annual retreat to Ocean City, Maryland and I can't wait.  It is 3 days of nothing but good food, good friends, good stitching, and good shopping in Salty Yarns - which adjoins the hotel, and it is on the boardwalk!   What could be a better?


Raven/Missy said...

Good luck on the cleaning out and reorganizing of your filing system! Your description sounds like what awaits me in my filing cabinets and file boxes. lol

Catherine said...

I could stand a little of that type of purging as well! I just can't get started!! Too many other things I'd rather do right now. Someday.....

Mylene said...

Goodluck with your reorgazing and everything...

Thanks for following my blog which leads me to visit your blog.

Deb said...

Good luck with your reorganizing. I just managed to get rid of things from my grandmothers estate and she died in 1985. It's amazing the things that we hold on too. I like your stitching project too and can't wait to see more of it.

Glad that I found your blog - I discovered it through some one else's - seems to be the way it happens.