Saturday, March 6, 2010

Stitching and Cleaning

A quick post to show my progress.   I haven't had a lot of stitching hours this week but I am pleased the progress I have made.   Right now I am taking a break from the spring house cleaning!

This sampler calls for stitching from the bottom up.  Not my usually way but it is because of the painting of the linen where we placed the house.   The line under the letters is the half-way mark.   I love doing the letters!  They go so fast.   Sorry for the wrinkles and the long shadows cast by the early morning sunlight.   The table when I usually take my photos is still covered with freshly washed glassware that have not been arranged in display yet.

I have been following the lead of Susan from A Work in Progress and cleaning.  I am scrubbing walls, washing windows and sheers and cleaning glassware in my dining room.   OMG!  It is embassassing to admit I didn't remember the shades on the ceiling fan weren't frosted.   Back to the bucket o' vinegar water.


Catherine said...

Spring cleaning! Whoo-hoo! I never thougth I'd be so excited to start spring cleaning - but after the winter we had, I say bring it on!

Susan said...

Robin, YGG! I've only been skimming the top surfaces trying to keep the dirt at bay. Take a break and stitch on that beautiful sampler!

Ranae said...

Looks like you had fun stitching, maybe not the cleaning,lol
But at least you have a clean house.