Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Small Changes - Week 18

This is so silly and so self-indulgent!  But this week I plan to work on my hands and nails each week.  I think I will make it part of my Sunday evening ritual.    There will be no photo of the condition of my hands for sure.   Between working with fabric and working with soil, the moisture is robbed from my hands.   Not only that, my fingers and fingernails are stained for the entire summer from working in the garden.   Wear gloves you's not the same.   I need to feel the dirt on my hands.   I always think about the trick of dragging you nails over a bar of soap BEFORE starting your garden work AFTER  I have finished and I am using the power of the hose to jet clean under my nails. 

Not only that, I use my hands at work, DUH, we all do!  But seriously, I notarize documents for people, I take minutes, I process petty cash for people so I am putting my hands on the table top for all to see.   Last summer I had my nails done at the salon and I loved the look and the feel.   What I didn't like was having to go every 14 days and the $22 each time.   The original cheapskate, I hate to pay for something I can do myself.   However, that's the problem, I don't do my nails myself.   Now, I don't need to have super shiney red lacquered nails but a little moisturizer and cuticle oil certainly can't hurt.  There may be a few nights when I lather up my hands and sleep with some cotton soaks on my hands to get this kick started.  It sure is a good thing Mr. Wonderful goes to  bed before me or else I would get that all too familiar shake of the head from him.


Daffycat said...

After spending a week in the garden my hands are trashed! I am also really bad about handwashing and if I'm not careful I will wash my hands every time I pass a sink. Very drying!

Susan said...

Robin, I don't think it's self-indulgent at all! I started getting my nails done about three years ago, and yes, the time in the salon every two weeks is a pain (I keep thinking about how I could be STITCHING!). But I see my hands more than my face, and it makes me feel more professional to have nice nails.

Deb said...

I used to do my own nails for years and then one day I decided to get them done. Yeah, I choke down the $20 every two weeks, but I love how they look after. Cuticle oil does work wonders. Maybe just going once a month will be a good thing.