Sunday, May 9, 2010


EDITED - It has been a busy busy week that ended with a drive to the Boston area on Friday.  I am spending a long weekend with my youngest daughter.   My trip starting by picking up my eldest daughter in Philly first to go with me. 

Yesterday we went to the New England Sheep and Wool Event in Contoocook NH.  It was a miserable day weather-wise.  I sure am glad we all got the brightly colored rubber pull on boots at Target before we went.  Otherwise is that a great day, just me and my girls.   I got this really nice merino-alpaca blend and pattern for a fisherwoman's shawl.  Since we were chilled to the bone, we headed off to Concord to find a place to eat.  

Once we had our lunch, we went off on an explore!  We found ourselves at Center Harbor on Lake Winnepausaki  (sp??)  in New Hampshire.  Of course, we settled into a fabric/quilters heaven.  I picked up some William Morris prints, fat quarters for $1 each and a pattern for a quilt for me called the Hokey Pokey!  Here they are resting in the nesting baskets my daughter gave me for Mother's Day.  There was a cross stitch store and a yarn we hadn't seen enough yarn already.  Then a drive on back roads and a stop in Lake Squam for coffee before we hit the interstate back to Massachusetts.   I think I am in love and could move to this area in a heartbeat.    Thank you Anna for the spelling of Lake  Winnipesaukee.  Anna is originally from NH and commented about the beauty as well.

So scenic, so picturesque, just so gorgeous and peaceful.  It was a pretty as the picture.

Back to my daughter's and snacking on chocolate covered strawberries!  and playing with our purchases.  

I managed to do my quilt class homework and get all my layers arranged and pinned so I will be ready for Tuesday's class.    The other part of our homework this week was to make a label for our quilts.   I declined the piece of the iron on fabric that we were given to write our names on to later iron on.   Silly ladies.....I cross stitched my label!
Today we went to the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, Mass.   The featured exhibition was Amish Crib Quilts and it was not a disappointment.  Afterwards, all three of us were ready for naps.    Bought some bobbins for a ridiculous $2.95.   Must be because Lowell was the home to dozens of mills and back in the day probably had a couple hundred thousand bobbins!

There has been a little stitching, a little shopping, a lot of giggles and fun.  The ride home tomorrow and back to work.


Anna van Schurman said...

It's Winnipesaukee, and it is beautiful! I've always wanted to go to the Keepsake stores, but I've never managed to find anyone up there who's interested. (I'm originally from NH.) :(

My grandmother got beaned by an empty bobbin when she was working in a factory. That might explain a thing or two about her! ;)

Catherine said...

What a wonderful weekend!

Raven/Missy said...

Sounds like a great weekend!