Monday, August 23, 2010

Stress Reliever!

UPDATED:  Stitching of course.    A bit of progress on my BRD Little Quakeresque.   I originally planned to complete motif by motif before moving on but you can see I got carried away with doing the individual outlines.   I guess because it was a no brainer.  Sherry commented and I need to check out the BRD, Initially Yours,  she said she is stitching.   It could be added to my list.

and laughter, the other stress reliever.   D-in-L and I are making wedding programs.   On the right above I am holding down the vellum layer. The ones on the left, the vellum 'floats' up making it hard to read.   No so when you are holding the program. This is truly the last thing we need to do....I stress WE......I of course need to hem my dress still.   I am returning my shoes for the next size up.   I have worn them around the house for a half hour a couple of different afternoons to get a feel for them and they are going to be just too tight for an outside evening wedding in the summertime.   You know how your feet swell by the end of the day?   I don't want to be the one who is walking around without shoes.   Also, I have a pattern for a quick purse to sew.  Of course........seems to be my MO with all things....Last Minute Sue!

So back to the programs and the laughter.....after we get over the giggles that they newlyweds have included their dogs in the acknowledgement, we had a good laugh at my daughter's expense.   The bride and groom listed their thank you's thanking the DJ and the photographer, the bride's uncle and groom's sister respectively.   The first few copies were run, cut and assembled using the version without the credits for the quickly D-in-L corrected and we were going again.   Then I read what she typed and we got to giggling and laughing and joking.   It was just the tension relief from the pre-wedding stress we needed.   Morgan thanked HEATER SPARKS rather than HEATHER SPARKS!   So I had the photo turned and it flipped and I turned again and it flipped and I stopped re-doing before I flipped!

UPDATE-No the dogs are not going to be joining us at the ceremony but not because the bride and groom didn't try.   The dogs are not allowed on the wedding venue which is a DuPont family estate that is rented for weddings, events, etc. 


Kathy said...

Love the photo of the two dogs on the wedding program. Are they included in the wedding party? :)

Your stitching looks beautiful.

Hazel said...

Looks fab! x