Friday, September 10, 2010

Aren't husbands just the funniest?

I have been working feverishly the last few nights on a grant to be submitted to the Cultural and Heritage Commission to benefit the arts board for my community.   Of course, down to the wire ----but that is a whole other issue/we really submitted early and were 'critiqued' and some suggestions were made to improve so it ended up being the last 5% of the ap was last minute.  Just feeling the need to explain so that every aspect of my life does not seem like a fire drill---- but anyway......

Wednesday I made changes into the wee hours of the morning with every intention to print Thursday morning and drop at my director's house on my way to work.   Well of course when you are mission critical, something goes wrong.   The printer won't work.   I did the uninstall/reinstall, etc, etc.  to no avail.   After work, I try again and fail again and tell Mr. (not-so) Wonderful and his reaction is....:
"What did you do to it?"  
"umm, try to use it???"   
He does his manipulations and computer gyrations and disconnects and replugs everything (same as I had done at 5:45 a.m.) but for him, all is good and I am printing......half way through, it stops and shuts off.   I say to  Mr. (n.s.) Wonderful and again
"What did you do to it?"  
"Nothing.  It just stopped"   
There is grumbling.  So we repeat this exercise a whole nother couple of cycles with comments like ...."You're killing me here!"  I was afterall now interrupting Jeopardy.   What ailed me? 
 "What exactly are you trying to do?  What is this file of you are messing with and trying to print?"  
and I am on the verge of saying but resisted "I must have screwed it up when I drop kicked it"  
Each time he gets it started and it stops and turns itself off after several pages... ....not to go on and on, but this morning the damned thing just kind of imploded, no lights, no reaction, just a sad silent death.   I came home and Mr. Wonderful had been to Best Buy for a  new printer!  Now of course, the eulogy went something like....."the other one was old, we just wore the poor little thing out,  we've got a lot of use out of it, printed many a tax returns.....yadda yadda yadda"  I am afraid he may want to bury the hunk a junk and place a tombstone with the name Old Yeller on it!  Now it is OK that I drop kicked (sic) the other one because he got to spend money on a new toy.  Men, gotta love them.


Rachel said...

He got to go to the computer store and smell in all the new electronics (they have their own kind of pheromone I swear!)

Mine loves to try and drag me to Fry's just to wander around.

Sherry said...

Regarding your title - "okay, we'll go with that" LOL

I love technology - I hate technology!

Have a good weekend, Robin, and stitch some if you can!

Hazel said...

Ha funny story. Glad you got sorted. My hubby has took our printer off to his studio! x