Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Change of color progress - my halloween stitch EDITED!

Not as far as I had hoped but pleased with and having fun with this little Lizzie Kate.   Look at the cute little buttons I found in my stash!  Not so much the black button.   That is out of my other sewing stash to use as a spider body.  This project is like getting  a  'free' project since I didn't need to buy anything to do it.    I've got to think of what kind of finish I will do.  I think maybe one of those block style finishes with the ribbon around the outside.   I am sure it has a better name than "block".    Off to check out some tuturials!

Oh, you say where's the pix??   I say, where's my camera cord!  Too much cooking out and friends over and the newlyweds returned home and it was 'placed' somewhere safe.   Stay tuned for uploads after work when I have time to root around and find the cord........right where I left it. 

Looks like I didn't misplace my camera to computer cord.   Seems the the cord got gathered up with the newlyweds when they were leaving the other night.   So glad I have been otherwise occupied and did little more than look in the usual places and between sofa cushions.
Have a good day all and a great week ahead.


Sherry said...

Don't you just hate when you put something away for safety - then promptly forget where it is LOL

Can't wait to see your progress. Davinci looks very inviting to stitch upon and put those wonderful halloween colors x's all over it!


Mel said...

that fabric is just lovely!!! Great start. :)

Elaine said...

Great start Robin and your fabric is gorgeous!

Sherry said...

Now that we see the pic - way too cute!!