Sunday, September 19, 2010


That's what my daugher and her friend Sarah are calling my current WIP!   Silly girls.    This is Sew Spooky and I am about half way completed - not bad for me since I started on 9/7.

Yesterday, I attended the Quilt Show in Oaks (Philly).   We arrived just as the doors opened.  Before long we were Ohhing and Ahhing at all the creations and talents.   It is window shopping for the creative soul.   You don't have to like a particular color combination, or layout, or execution but you do admire and respect the talent and workmanship in every piece.    There were so many beautiful creations from all over the world I am glad I was not a judge!
I didn't buy too much.........I bought about 16 different fat quarters.  Five of them were Halloween themed that I needed to complete my Lizzle Kate Bippity Boppity Boo.  It was a hard decisions but I  like my daughter's choice.

After the show, we sat on her deck and I finished my block.   I'm liking it!  I wanted to do something other than 'framing'......and I got my inspiration from all of YOUR beautiful finishes.   I used the Twisted Stitcher Tutorials for guidance (I must have had some sort of Freudian slip by first referring to Vonna as The Twisted Sister! I knew she was the Twisted Stitcher but typed Sister!  Sorry Vonna.)   And Kudos to her for her great instructions.  I just need to decide on the bow on the top.  One overwhelmes and the other is too skimpy.   Tweeking to be done!!

After a bit of crafting we sipped wine and walked to friend's down the block.    The guys stayed and the girls returned for more wine, crafting and a chick flick.

As always, I so enjoy getting together with my daughter and her husband and their friends.   My daughter and I can't get together without laughing until we cry over our stupid humor which most others don't get. 

Now back to reality, a bit of picking up the yard since Mr. Wonderful covered the pool yesterday, then laundry and grocery shopping......all done in time for stitch some more on my Lo-Ween!


Tracey said...

So cute! love it!

Daffycat said...


Vonna's tutorials are awesome but she is The Twisted Stitcher. Wasn't Twisted Sister a heavy metal rock band?

I think the orange plaid bow looks fantastic ~ use it!

Deborah said...

Love the cube and your daugthers fabric chose is wonderful.

Vonna said...

The orange plaid bow is the best bow, in my personal opinion.
I'm The Twisted Stitcher, not Sister.

The Lampesalots said...

Just added you to my list of blog favorites. After all, I can't wait to see what you come up with for 'hanksgiving!