Saturday, February 19, 2011

i-Challenge Round II Status

I have made it through all my projects a second round.   I am finding that I am now spending a couple of days on each rather than switching out every day.  This is especially true if I have too little time on the first day the piece comes back up in my rotation.   I think I am being more productive to stitch on the same piece for two or three days because I get my threads set, the particulars of the pattern in my brain and can make far more progress.  I am still working through my rotation and am generally pleased with my progress.   I even have a finish.  

I am really enjoying the diversity.   I believe it appeals to my inner ADD child.  As I see it, I am futher ahead on 15 projects that were in my to-do basket then I was 6 weeks ago and that is good.   Trying to guess which will be my second finish.
Just Nan's Needle Tweets - Daisy

Just Nan's Needle Tweet is a finished size of ...maybe 1 1/2 inches by 2 inches and I really moving slowly on this one.   It seems to come up in my rotation when I don't have a lot of stitchie time and it requires a lot of counting....which given my current work/free time schedule, it is not a relaxing stitch.  But I continue....

LHN - Chocolate Box

This one is fun and I seem to just sail through this one each time I get to it.   Quite alot accomplished with only 3 stitching days so far.

Jeannette Douglas's My Stitching Treasures

Love this flower!

This one is easy to see progress on and probably one of the projects that pushed  me to dedicate more than one day at a time to a project.   I decided to work on this until I completed each motif or square.   This has been favorite of mine for a long time and I am happy to be working on it.    Jeannette Douglas used the most aswesome colors and threads!

Oops! Sometimes they rotate and sometimes they don't!
Last but not least, Plum Berry Sampler from Bent Creek.  How appropriate, Project 1 from January 1 is my first completed. It's Bent Creek's Plum Berry Sampler. It was a quick stitch completed in only days of stitching. I am not sure if I will frame this or make it a into a pillow.


ohiofarmgirl said...

What fun to see all your projects. I admire you for that but I am having trouble sticking with the projects I have going. Have fun. Dianntha

Jennifer said...

Hey Robin, all look wonderful! The last one by Bent Creek must be the sister one to the one I'm doing now by Bent Creek! So similar. I love the blue colors in those.


Hillery said...

Great job on all your works. I do love your finish. I just love Bent Creek designs but have only stitch one, I think. I would love to get my hands on this pattern though. I looks like a quike stitch. Are there ones for all the seasons?

Jodie said...

Haha I can't believe how organized you are about this! Your finish looks GREAT :-)