Sunday, February 20, 2011

3-day Weekends - Updated!

There needs to be a 3-day weekend each month to allow me (and maybe you too) to catch up and to take a deep breathe and to relax.   Today and tomorrow are bonus days to me.   I have NO PLANS!   Save for the normal doing of  laundry and cooking dinner.    I have managed to get my morning stitching in.  I am not stitching every day like I did the first two rounds of the i-Challenge.  This time I dedicated two  or three stitching days per project and put in two days on my puzzle purse pattern.   A bit of stitching accomplished for the day and I  am ready to attack some long over due home improvement project.   
Prairie Sampler - Puzzle Purse so far

This is the 'before'.   Probably no one notices or cares but it bugs  me everytime I go into the bathroom!
Crown molding was installed  XX months ago - far too embarrassed to actually put into print how many months....... so it has been bugging me that this project is one of the many on the unfinished list.  When I get overwhelmed with work then this is the list that hangs heavy on my shoulders.   I start to get angry about the extra hours at work and sub-consciously blame the fact that my to-do list is so long on the extra hours.   One really has  nothing to do with the other but with the simple fact the I totally over extend myself.   Not sure if it is the dormant control freak that lives within thinks I am the only one that can do the task..... but I today, I want to spend 2 to 3 hours and remove at least one item from my long list of household projects that are half finished.   If all goes well, I might even cross another off my list tomorrow....

There's a reason this is hanging in my craft room!  Everything was progressing along nicely with the caulking.   Now I am no caulk affecianado (sp??) but I gave it the college try.   I am a bit better at caulking than drywall taping and mudding.   No one HGTV needs to fear my skills is a big understatement.    So caulk gun and two tubes of the appropriate caulk and I am knocking this out quickly.   Oh no, I run out of caulk, no worries, remember I have a second tube or whatever they are called.    I am pulling the trigger and pulling the trigger on the caulk gun and why won't it come out?   I cut a new 45 degree tip, I stuck a nail in the tip in case it was clogged.  Nothing.   I pull - really hard on the trigger and then I see it.........I have blown the tip right off the end of the tube of caulk and the caulk gun is oozing with caulk.   And I was so close.    I only had about 3 feet left to caulk and I could have crossed this off the list.  Drat!    So it was decision time........change clothes, hop on the interstate, pay toll and cross the bridge into the next state - seriously - to get another tube of caulk or wait til Tuesday at lunch and visit Home Depot which is a half mile from my office?  (Jeopardy music was playing in my head).   Change clothes?   can't go in my painting clothes.   We all have that pair of sweats that we paint in that we were so proud we painted an entire room while wearing with nary a paint drop and then.......bending over you backed your butt into the fresh painted wall and now have a painted backside.....yeah, those pants!  

Just above the light on the left is how far I got.  I only need to make it to the corner.  Oh, it looks like the bathroom light fixture needs to be added to the home improvement to do list!

I elected to stay home and tackle other half completed home improvement projects!    I touched up the wainscoting in the bathroom (check) so once I do finished caulking, that room will be done.   Since the paint was out, I was able to touch up the risers on the stairs (check)  on my way to my craftroom to finish painting the trim in that room.   Also managed to get in the first coat on the new 6-panel entry door to the craftroom.  (first coat - check)  And when I put the brush up for the day, since I was in the sewing room already......well why not stitch a bit on my quilt?    OMG!  and I still have tomorrow off to do more!   Yeah!


Catherine said...

I'm trying to catch up on laundry this weekend and squeeze a little stitchy time in. My boys will be home tomorrow - so I'm not sure how much I will get done! My house is ready for a good spring cleaning!

Kimmie said...

Love the pears!!!!

Excellent job on the home improvement projects. I have a couple rooms to paint and am so not ready to think about it. LOL