Sunday, April 10, 2011


A big job finished -
I was able to put to bed my company's annual report in mid-March and we were rewarded this week with cases of the report delivered to my office.   8,000 copies!!  You know that glossy book you get with all the financial info about the company that is delivered to anyone owning shares of stock in the company; yes that real snoozer of a document.  Last year, we went from the glossy style book to a cd.   It was well received and under budget.   And'green' to boot.  I am happy to report, we came in under budget AGAIN this year!    Not to steer anyone down the path of wrong assumptions, I am the one who creates the schedules, gets appointments on calendars, makes sure deadlines are met, grabs the facts from here, there and everywhere and makes edits between the Officers and the PR group that does the report.   I don't actually WRITE it, just coordinate it's creation and completion.   Still not a small task.

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