Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm a lucky girl!

I finally feel like I am turning the corner on the backlog of work and civic obligations and almost feel like I can catch a breath.  This is in part because I turned in my resignation for 6 of the 7 officers/committees I cover in one organization.   Problem is, it started small and evolved into a time sucking monster.  I was the one that implemented the website, the email, the facebook accounts, so I became the one who managed them.   Any one by themselves is not a big deal, but add to it Membership Chair, Grant Writer, managing mailings, Secretary and Treasurer and it is time to share the wealth.   I tendered my resignation for January 1, 2012......I think that was decent notice and now the ball is in their court to step up and take on a I am lucky because I see light at the end of the tunnel and it is not the oncoming train!  Don't they know they have been creeping into my creative time?
I guess maybe I have a 'cattitude"!

I perfect stitch for my daughter!

On another front I am lucky because I won not one but two charts this week!  First from June at Butterfly Wings I got this cutie-patudie.   I was her 75th follower.  Check out her blog.....her followers are growing every day.   Second, I won this one from Tracey at I Stitch Therefore I am.

I am heading off to retreat this week and have been looking forward to it all summer.   Four days at the shore with a bunch of fellow stitchers and a cross stitch store connected to the hotel... what more could a gal ask for??    I took a tour through my stash pile to pick out something new to start..... I always reward myself with a new start on this weekend and I think I will choose Drawn Threads Random Thoughts.   I have wanted to work on this one for quite some time......what's one more in the lost list of WIP's?

Yesterday I took a Danish Whitework class and I think I have a new love.   Wow, I love the symentry, I love the look and I particularly love how easy it is.     I definitely will be taking this on retreat with me to work on. 

And to make me four times a lucky girl, I picked up a book I had started earlier in the summer.  With all the OT  I haven't read in forever!   This book is special since I know the author.  And that is really him dressed in his regalia on the cover of the book.

Truly a rambling rant of a post.......


Chris said...

Glad to hear things are going to calm down for you.
Have a wonderful time at your retreat!

Hillery said...

Well, congrats on the wins, lovely whitework, I don't think I'd have the patience. I wish I could go on a retreat, and hope you enjoy the book. I am also reading a book that I know the author of as well. ENJOY. That was a rambling comment. HEEHEE

Lynn said...

You are doing great on the whitework!!!

Sherry :o) said...

Congrats on your wins and your resignation. Hope things go smoothly for your exit. Have fun at your retreat! I have one coming up too, soon. Like your class start...I haven't done that one yet.