Friday, December 2, 2011

Home Construction Update

I have "before" and "during" pictures but need to take some "after" shots this weekend during the day.   It's too dark when I get home from work to take a pix.  This sunsetting early and driving to and from work in the dark is really dreary.   Thankfully, just a couple more weeks of driving in the dark and we will slowly gain some minutes of daylight. 

So this is what we did....and why. My front porch - or a favorite spot to sit and watch it snow, or drink a Saturday afternoon coffee, or rock and read, etc. - the porch is about 25 years old. The tongue and grove fir flooring has absorbed moisture to the point that it is making "hills" in some spots and the wood was rotting under the columns. (the columns that I don't think fit the house)

 Whenever I was expecting company, I would strategically place a patio table across "El Porcho Hill".

This only hints at the rotting of the wood under the support columns....among other places.
  In normal fashion, not to be satisfied with just repairing the decking, the project expanded, shall we say.   I figured if we were replacing the decking, the support columns and railing would need to be removed so why not replace and upgrade?  Made sense to me and we are happy with the results.  

Now for the re-do, new rails and new composite decking. It is not too different in appearance. The entrance and step are wider. The railing more substantial and there are four instead of three columns.

Maintenance free and no more painting needed!  I am looking forward to decorating it for the holidays!  


EvalinaMaria said...

And I'm looking forward to see the pics!

Lynn said...

Looks fabulous and I admire you for accomplishing something (unlike a certain couple who will remain namesless!) I took your Deli Picks to a Christmas party last night and they were a hit!

Kimmie said...

Very nice!!!!!