Monday, March 26, 2012

OK, so I've been playing around

I thought I'd mix it up a bit and give my blog a brighter springier look.   I don't know what is going on with some of the older posts and the background colors but enough html messing about!  I am still struggling to master the blogger upgrades .... perhaps if I read directions it would come to me easier but alas, I just charge through.  So, as promised, much updating to be done and here is a little sampling......

first up - my Drawn Threads Love and Wisdom piece I finished a few years back finally made it to the framers.   I love the frame Karen helped me with.   Just pardon the spacing with the pictures until I figure out the upgrades!

Maybe it's not the upgrades but my playing around with layouts and templates.   But I digress.                                                          I love junking and found a new shop not to far from my office.   They specialize in estate cleanups so the items are nice.  You tell me....which is better.   Four weeks ago I bought a new planter to transplant a cactus.  $17 from Home Depot and it is OK.   The gray kind of matches the stainless steel and blue of my laundry room backsplash tiles.   

But three weeks ago, I picked up these babies.  $15 and $12 and so much nicer than the new one.  I quickly transplanted my jade plant and bought a cyclamen for the other.   Look at the detail.   The handle shown below is the cutest!  Just goes to show you they don't make them like they used to.

You can see here the size is the same.   

 Next up, a little tease......
Oh yes, I finished and it was not complete without the embarrassing start and finish dates added.   I mean really....18 years!  My goodness, you can raise a child in that time.  More pix to follow.
My current work in progress is called "Keys" by Shakespeare's Peddler.   It is a quick stitch doing a key or a lock in each setting.  However, this is 36 count and my eyes are not really ready for this teeeny tiny work at 5 a.m. even with my cheaters.   I think I want to kind of finish this as some sort of tray to place my keys in....don't know...will have to talk to Karen at the frame shop for her advise.

I kind of had a calendar snafu.   I kept thinking Wednesday was the first of April...don't know what I was looking year I was looking at.  I guess I am looking forward to April.....busy busy month.   Travel and a class with the  Ellen Chester!    I am part of the planning committee so I get to have dinner with her and Tom the night before our weekend of classes.  At any rate,  I  continue my exercising each morning, remembering to take my vitamins, been reading, definitely stitching and enjoying working in my is good.  I might just have to play hooky a couple of days next week to get some flower beds edged and mulch spread.  Hope that warm weather comes back.


Denise said...

Ohh, love those keys! Going to put it on my wish list!

Veronica said...

That frame is beautiful. Perfect for Love and Wisdom. Lovely stitching too.


Chris said...

The DT piece looks great. I am sure that it is wonderful to finally have her up on the wall.
At least you finished that WIP!

Catherine said...

Great finish! The frame is perfect.
The planters you found look great!
Can't wait to see more pics of the long time project and the keys are too cute!

barb said...

etui box is beautiful!! so proud of you! nice job