Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Me time - WIP Update

I kind of got ahead of myself here.  I missed the May post and I took advantage of the 3 day weekend to post my WIP progress only to realize afterwards, the posting date was June 4th and not the end of May.   Silly me, not paying attention to the finer details.  So here it is my WIPocalypse post....

Me Time
I took advantage of the three-day weekend for some 'me time' that I was craving. Life is so hectic sometimes that we need to remember ...work hard, play hard. So with the yard in ship shape fashion and the laundry done and the house (relatively) clean I had a day of lounging about and stitching on Monday.  Funny thing is it wasn't long before I was feeling like Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy did when Marmee let them not be obligated to chores and such.  (Little Women).  So I mixed in a little pool vacuuming and a little vegetable garden weeding and I didn't feel like I was being frivolous with my day.

Memorial Day
The line of towels on the fence may bother some but to me it is a reminder of the day of sun and fun.
We celebrated Memorial Day on Sunday with my eldest daughter and her husband. It is always fun when they come down especially when they spend the night! But that is me being selfish wanting the longer visit. Friends from the city came down for the day and other friends from town stopped in too. So fun to watch all the little ones enjoy the pool and yard and food.  Before my daughter and S-in-L were even on the road on Monday morning, I had donned my bathing suit...I forgot how nice it was in the summer to dress in your bathing suit all day! I bought three new ones this year. I know, a bit excessive but my fitness plan involves more pool time this year and it is not like a buy a new suit every year. Anyway, I digress. 

I did round out the day with a nice dinner - best part about holiday cooking is the left overs the next day.   I squirreled away some of the shrimp I cooked for Sunday, added some sauteed mushrooms and onions they were perfect with a grilled steak.  Love that smell of steaks on the grill!

On to stitching, I took intervals of swimming and cutting fabrics for my next quilt. I did the cutting outside on the picnic table and stitching. It involved a bit of lugging stuff from my sewing room but it was so worth it to be outside.  In the end, all the pieces are cut and labeled.  Once Mr. W. gets on the road, evenings will find me in my sewing room.  I made this same quilt earlier this spring and it works up so fast.  
These are just perfect for my new little nephew.

This is for the back
I got a little carried away with posting....since I forgot to post online last month, I was a little overzealous and posted early this month..... I have also been working on two of my WIPs. Here is LHN before and where I am now. I decided to push on and get this completed because I really want it off my scroll frame so I can mount my Ellen Chester class piece on it. It will be a new start HOWEVER class pieces don't count as a new start in my rationale and believe me I can rationalize just about anything. 
Where I was....
Where I am now....colors look different because this was taken outside.
The other is my take along piece. It is the one I carry to work or a friends. Lizzie Kate's the ABCs of Aging. I am embarrassed I am not finished this one. It is a quick stitch. My friend Susan started this one after me and has finished it already.  I think I will be finishing this as a big floppy pillow for my bedroom.
Oops!  Sometimes I just can't get the pix to stay rotated!

I can do 4 or 5 letters during lunch at work.

These are me.  Second from the bottom starts with "Laugh"
And forgive the repeat but for the purpose of my WIPocalypse posting....eight finishes in five months...going to stay on track.   It feels great to reduce the size of the UFO basket!
Where I was


Where I was

The Sheltering Tree


Chris said...

Hey Robin!
It sounds like you had a lovely weekend. That dinner looks wonderful.
Great stitching progress too.

Jenny said...

Wow, you have been busy! I love the piece with the keys, what a beauty! Congrats also on Sheltering Tree - I have been ogling the chart on-line.

I think that your LK progress looks fabulous and it is a really sweet piece. I am looking forward to see how you finish it!

A pool - that sounds wonderful! We were in the 90s in KY over the weekend.... we stayed in most of the time. Right now, I would pay some serious dough for a few rain storms, say no more. :-)

Thanks for a fun post and have a great week!

Catherine said...

You have certainly been busy!! Love your stitches!

Anonymous said...

You have some wonderful WIPs there - a really great mix of projects :)

Paisley said...

Sounds like you had a nice Memorial Day weekend! Your WIPs are looking great!

Marcy said...

Everything looks great! No need to be embarassed -- good things come slowly