Saturday, May 26, 2012

It must be me....

 I *think* I removed that pesky word verification requirement from my comments section. I know it is supposed to make sure only REAL people are posting and not computers but I find it increasing difficult to decipher the letters they string together in the effort for James Bond level of security to post! Jeez! Just saying, it's a pet peeve I guess.
And this is a relatively easy one to translate.

And while I am at it, does this bother anyone else? Driving down the road you hear horns beeping only to realize they are on the radio. Or better, sirens! Like a good citizen I am looking in the rear view mirror trying to find the approaching emergency vehicle only to realize, again it is on the radio. The lady in front of me the other day must have had on the same station because she pulled over and was looking in her mirror..... I started to follow suit and I guess we both got it at the same time. Time for the mental head slap! I thought it was an age thing but asking my daughter and coworkers young and old, we all agreed....annoying and potentially dangerous.

Usually doing this kind of thing is something I would just laugh at myself and think what a ding-bat I am. Not this week....Mr. W. is prepping for tour which always brings anxiety. First he going Friday night, then he is not; then he is going for the day, then he is going for the weekend! This is a typical weekend until he actually leaves to tour.  The whole house (just me and the cat really) have to be involved getting him packed for tour and out the door and it is such a ritual. Good thing I don't have the same to-do when I travel....toiletries always ready, grab the LLBean bag, throw in some clothes and projects, iPad and go! Not him. He packs half his clothes in a space is only so much room in his tractor and trailer. Snacks that travel well. His fav is homemade Chex Mix.  I won't even go into the details for the year he thought packing 'outfits' in zip lock bags would make the trips into the locker room easier.  And then starts the list of instructions for what I need to do while he is away. Love you honey but there really is no need to tell me I need to put out the trash. I think when the house starts to resemble something seen on Hoarders I'll get it.

Last night it was telling me how to vacuum the pool. Really? I think that was the last straw to what put me at full-blown irritated!  Like I have vacuumed a pool since I was 9 and I doubt he has vacuumed a pool 9 times in his life as was evidenced by his demonstration which was just pushing the dirt around and making it all suspended. My aggravation with the whole exchange was duly noted. (hurry up Internet order with the replacement hose for the automatic vacuum) I guess he is just going through his mental checklist and I should be more receptive but really I think I am capable.  It's all good....he's just making sure his castle and kingdom will be safe and found in good order when he returns from traveling the fair I said, I think it's me with a bit of the crankies going on.....guess I need some stitch therapy....or maybe just a string of a few nights in a row of good sleep.....or better yet, since I enjoyed my meeting the Captain last week, maybe some time with him is needed.  


Catherine said...

Great post! Mr. Morgan sounds like a good companion!

Barbi said...

Oh I hear ya about the music and the sounds! Same thing happens to me.
And hubby when he goes out of town to work, leave ME a honey-do list! This time around it was sorting the recycling! Does he not realize I have a hobby that needs my attention?

Kathy said...

You can never go wrong with a little Captain!