Saturday, October 27, 2012

Vacation Post 4

Split Rock half way up to the top of Grandfather Mountain
  Closer view of the delicate balancing act that has held the split rocks for centuries.
 Debbie got her wish and we saw BEARS!
 A little creative photography allows for the appearance that they are roaming free.   No, they were in the animal preserve and beyond a high wall and fence.
 From the parking lot mid-way up the mountain looking towards the top.
 See the road zig-zag up the side of the mountain?   Easy for me to say 'go for it'....I wasn't driving.  We walked (CLIMBED!) the rest of the way to the summit.  The sign said .4 took an hour!
To the left, the path complete with a stairway of rocks. It was  so worth the climb.
 This is the swinging bridge at the top of Grandfather Mt.   It is one mile about sea level.
 Honestly, it was a bit scary and I was not alone hugging the railing as I ventured out.
 On the opposite side, no railings, no comfy tourist friend scenic were on your own as far as no falling off the edge.   The view was truly a humbling experience.  It really gave the feel that you were on top of the world.

 We enjoyed lunch after our climb and shared our seating with these fat faced chipmonks.
Back at the inn in the late afternoons I managed to start and finish this Halloween little stitch. Not even the one I intended to stitch but I  wanted to get my needle and thread into this fun fabric.  No plans on how I will finish it.
That's all for now folks and thanks for bearing with me with my vacation photos.   I really feel sorry for anyone who doesn't get to enjoy seeing the splendor of the mountains or the ocean for that matter.  I gravitate towards the natural attractions so much more than the man-made ones.  
And now for an event of nature!!  in the mid-atlantic states we are all bracing for Hurricane Sandy.  I am out the door shortly for supplies.   We already have our water, batteries and the like.   But because I was away the cupboards are bare.  I am thinking a nice big crock pot of homemade soup, some yeast for homemade bread, some fruits and non-perishables in case I am without electric.   My encounters at the grocery store may be far worse than hair-pins turns, steep inclines and scenic overlooks with no guard rails. Batten down the hatches all and stay safe this one really could be the one to hit us hard.

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Terri said...

I really hope and pray that Sandy won't be as bad as they say. Stay safe and good luck!