Friday, November 9, 2012


I didn't have the best day today.    My boss was out as were several other officers and what I thought  could be a day filled with accomplishments and checking things off my list had others rejoicing ....... "yippee, casual Friday"      

 Me, the consummate professional    and them  --
 Top that off with my daily commute home through the 3 year construction project.

This is something like what I see.     Today it took me 45 minutes to drive  the 12 miles home.  I usually laugh at the other frantic drivers who slam their fists on their steering wheels while I let a tractor and trailer merge in. But today I found myself yelling at the other cars tonight......"do the zipper people!"   My lane/your lane/my lane/your lane.     I want to know why the guy riding up the right shoulder and cutting in at the last minute before the jersey barriers feels his time and where he is going is more important than mine?   Just feeling out of control today I guess.   Feeling a bit overwhelmed with some big projects coming my way at work and then I got Volun-Told I would be one of three spearheading the Heart Ball Dinner Auction.   No pressure, just need to bring in big bucks for the American Heart Association in pledges and a lot of leg work.  

The traffic usually doesn't bother me so I guess it was all the other things on my list that seem to be stacking up quickly.      I pity the frantic ones in the morning trying to squeeze  here and there as they dart from lane to lane.      Stay the course people and  maybe, just maybe you wouldn't be so crazed in the mornings if you'd leave earlier so you are not  rushing to get there on time!  What a concept.

On an up note, our salary increases came through this week!   Yeah!  And even more important than money, I did manage to  put in some super needle and thread time this week.    I already accomplished more in the first 9 days of November than I  hope for the whole month on my Blue Ribbon Design piece I am working on.......hopefully more progress to share on this one at the end of the month!
Have a stress-free evening all.   I, for one, am washing the day's grime from my face, getting all snuggly in my pj's with a cup of tea  (or glass of wine) and plan to curl up on the couch to stitch and watch a movie.  Tomorrow's another day.


Peggy Lee said...

Sounds much like the traffic in Atlanta. What should be a 10 minute ride home from work turned in to as much as a 2 hour ride! Crazy!
Another reason why I'm glad to be home. Now I only have to worry about the occasional chicken in the middle of the road.
Your progress on the BRD piece is beautiful. Every time I see this I want to get mine out of my stash basket.

Chris said...

Zipper! Why don't people understand this!! The jerks that comr racing up the side make me nuts :)
Lovely stitching progress.
Have a relaxing weekend!

Catherine said...

Love this post ~ sorry for laughing, but I guess that is because I can relate!! Love the phrase "do the zipper"!