Saturday, November 10, 2012

Delete it is!

Overwhelming response to my question:

It was interesting to read the different ways people save and some of you are far more OCD then I care hope to ever be!  LOL

          -     80% replied that once completed, they delete photos taken of projects in progress keeping only pictures of finishes and maybe a special one or two of progress.
          -     20% said you plan to keep only the photos of completed projects but just haven't gotten around to cleaning up their files.  

So looks like a 100% agreement and now I know what I must do.  Delete, purge, and be more like  Henry David Thoreau - Live Simple.   It sure will reduce the clutter and make it easier to update my tab of Finishes for each year.   

I had my guild meeting this morning and taught a finishing class.     Not something I am comfortable with....standing in front of all these incredibly talented women but I seem to have a new found confidence in myself and my abilities, I feel more sure of myself than I used to.   I think I can identify the turning point but am unsure if I can share it properly.   Just suffice to say, a friend from the past came back into my life and the unconscious doubt I had hovering over me like a specter because of the 'broken' friendship has been lifted.   I really didn't have any idea there was such a weight of self-doubt hovering over me until it was gone!   So mend fences my friends; it will lift the burden.

This is Lizzie Kate's ABC's of Aging and I don't know if I shared a photo after it was framed.  
It  hangs over the chair in my little stitching corner in the bedroom.  
 OK, moving on from that heaviness and psycho-babble......and back to guild.   If you have a local stitch group, guild or EGA, you should join.   I have learned so much, enjoyed so much, met so many new friends and just broadened my horizons by joining.   I have a place I belong when for years I just didn't fit in.  Come on ladies, you know what I mean.....we have friends we grow up with, attend their weddings, we go to their baby showers, vacation together, our kids play together, we hang out with, share holidays and none of them stitch or craft and we are like the two headed Mother Earth Hippie with our fibers, knitting needles and ever present project over in the corner.   People just don't get it.   In guild, I sit with 45 to 50 other women who do.   We talk colors, and fibers, and linens, and offer critiques and ooh and aah at each others work and share websites and designer names.   Truly the guild experience (or any stitching group) is like coming out of the desert and into a lush green Eden.   It still amazes me that I found this whole other world; a world of stitchers, and knitters and quilters, of world of people with my common interest.  So peeps, find a group, start a will be amazed.

Alright, too much daddling here.....I need to type of this morning's minutes super quick, pack a bag, stop at my favorite Exit 10 Wawa for coffee and head into Philly for the night. (the coffee stop always makes me WIRED by the time I hit East Falls.   My daughter will be amused as always.)   It will be a night of good food, family, friends, laughter and then off to Christmas shop in the morning!


cucki said...

Your stitching project is so beautiful xx

Parsley said...

Glad you have that burden lifted. I think many of us, me included, have some fences we wish were mended.

I am holding out posting pics on my stitching and it may be a while before I'm finished because I have multiple WIPs!

Great finish!

Susan said...

You got your ABC's framed before I did--good for you! It looks great!

Are you headed to K of P mall for your shopping? If so, I bow to your bravery. I live 3 miles from there and try not to go near it after Halloween.

Lynn said...

Your description of the guild experience perfectly explains my feelings! Such a wonderful thing to find so many like minded people (but fascinatingly different too!)