Friday, November 16, 2012

Looking Forward

I needed a change of pace this evening after a very look work week.   We are gearing back up at work.   I worked at a crazy pace from almost the day I started until - maybe - this time last year.   It was then that the slowing of the economy finally filtered its way up to my level of the company.   Well, that honeymoon is over.   Housing starts may not be up but things are happening; expansion, charity work, completion of asset purchases, annual report time, etc.    So tonight I wanted to look forward to something pleasurable.

In my EGA Chapter we are having a NBS (Never Been Started/Stitched) Challenge that will begin January 1.    So I rooted around my stash and pulled out what I want to work on.

 First up, from Of Female Worth, the Grace Mason Sampler.   Six of the seven of my Thursday night group are going to do this.   No pressure like taking on a BAP with others working along with you.  Three have already started.  I am stitching this on 32 count linen with most of the recommended DMC colors.   I am going to change up the main red and green by a few shades so it is not so Christmasy.  

 Next up - Jingle Bells Christmas Tree Farm from Victoria Sampler.   I don't even know how long I have had this but I do know I have wanted to stitch it since before it was in my stash.  I am using 28 count cashel in misty blue instead of the 28 count pearl.   And you can see I bought the threads.   This one really intimidates me and I hope once I start I will be fine.  
Third, this one is for fun.   It will be my savior from the BAP's.   From With thy Needle & Thread it is called Candy Corn.   I am going to need to divert my attention from the larger projects and feel the reward of completion so I threw this in the mix.  I love the fabric.  It is 30 count gold from WDW.

Fourth and last in my NBS Challenge is a kit that four of us are going to work along at the same time.  The kit contains all the fabrics and specialty flosses and I only need to add my DMC.  It is called Tannenbaum Time from Heart Strings.  
 When complete, I don't know if I will frame it or stuff it.   I have lots of time to decide on that!  Sorry, I don't know why my pictures look so dull this time.

My plans to cross things off my to-do list this evening have faded and I will be putting in some much needed stitching time.   Remember stitches feed the soul.  Happy weekend all.


Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

i love that of female worth design - gorgeous - candy corn looks like it will be fun to work on as well - overall love your picks : )

Peggy Lee said...

All of these projects are lovely but my eye is especially drawn to the first one, the Grace Mason Sampler. I can't wait to see your progress on it!

Catherine said...

Great projects! Looking forward to seeing your progress!