Monday, November 19, 2012


One of my stitching buddies was talking about a recipe she saw on the Barefoot Contessa and she raved about it.  I made it for Sunday dinner - yummy

Two ingredients and 10 minutes and that's all she needed to say.  It is called  Holuska.   It is a Czech dish.

First in one pan cook broad egg noodles
At the same time in a separate pan, saute about a cup of onion (I used vidalia) in butter and olive oil
Add cabbage that has been cut (I used half a head and I cut mine in about 2 inch strips)
Cook the onion and cabbage until tender but firm.
Mix together with the drained egg noodles.    Make sure you get all the good olive and butter mixture out of the frying pan and in with the noodles
Season with a generous helping of fresh ground pepper and salt*.

Now, Mr. W has to have meat so I also cook up some sausage and crumbled it in with the onions and cabbage and tossed with the noodles.  I didn't add salt since I added sausage.

It was pretty tasty and I will definitely make it again.  

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