Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Uniform Blue vs Gunmetal

You ever get something wrong so many times it becomes what you think is right?  Let me explain.

For months as I have worked on my BRD Little Quakeresque I have believed I was using Uniform Blue.  It was like a surprise every time I would see the name on the little WDW card that said Gunmetal.   ~~Oh, that's right! I would think~~ and again I would regress to the point I would swear I was using Uniform Blue.   And no, I do not meet someone new each morning when I look in the mirror.

I know this is making no sense.  Mark it up to posting EVERY DAY in the month of November and a total ramble on.   (where's Mr. W. when you need him to evoke the 15 second rule on me?)   It wasn't until I was re-reading my post about LNS shop and being out of thread that I realized when I went up to my studio to find thread I looked for Uniform Blue....and I even posted about Gun Metal ..Duh!  Right there on the ring in alphabetical order the whole time.   I am a dumb bunny at times.   I guess I got a man in uniform on my mind.   At any rate, I have the necessary GUN METAL floss I need to finish my project.   Now I know it will be done come by Dec. 31, no excuses!   And the girls at work wondered what I meant the other day when I could be heard saying "I could be afraid of myself sometimes".


Chris said...


cucki said...

Now you can stitch
Happy stitching xxx

Magical Mysterytour said...

It's "funny" how much trouble an Idée fixe can cause lol

Glad you found your thread! There is nothing worse than having to set aside a project that is going so well due to lack of thread.