Monday, November 26, 2012

Remind me not to

sign on for this goofy post every day in November thing next is sometimes hard to come up with something to say every day......but I will live by the rule I preached to my have to finish what you start.   So enough I came home from work and put my PJ's on right away.   It is a long day when you have a headache.   The Benadryl dried me out and combine that with 4 days home in the blast furnace I live in.   Mr. W. is always freezing and he keeps the heat cranked up in preparation for the move to Phoenix AZ that he wants to make.   He doesn't notice me in tee-shirt and shorts or capris while he is in sweats and a hoodie.   Such opposites.   Me, give me the beach or a cabin on a lake in the you see, we stay right where we are.......but again I am off point.  

In my PJ's and comfy and I sat down at my sewing machine to work on my pieced table runner.    I don't do directions well.   I am a visual learner.   I understand spatially and perhaps become a bit spastic along the way too!  Needless to say, following the directions was like reading ...the square root of the hypotinus is equal to 1/2 the sum of all the parts as illustrated below but only if calculated while standing on one leg in the dark at the precise onset of the winter other words, made no sense.  So my table runner has fewer trees than it calls for, I have extra strips that I don't need of one color and not enough of another.  Geez!  Just throw the strips in the bin with all the other strips waiting for that one-day quilt to be made and get over it already is what I did.  Anyway, trees constructed and ready to start adding borders.   Not sure if  I like the gold/red/red  or red/gold/red combination.  Not even sure I like the gold and may have to dig around in my fabric stash this weekend.


For now I have put the sewing machine up for the evening.  I think that the day long sinus headache has now lead to an evening of an upset stomach.  Time for a cup of tea and some toast for me and maybe a stitch or two on Jingle All the Way can be had while I watch Dancing with the Stars.


Chris said...

Your table runner is looking great, beautiful fabric.
I hope that you feel better.

Anna van Schurman said...

My first year that I did NaBloPoMo (2006) I said, "I also managed to blog every day in November. And let me tell you I won't be doing that again. It's too hard to blog on weekends!" Instead I've signed up each year and been successful in all but one. I've also done a March NaBloPo (lists). Crazy!