Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Taking time to appreciate

Hurricane Sandy made me really stop to appreciate all the things around me that make me happy.   Everyday little things that I have taken for granted.  What if I couldn't reach out for these?  This is even more granular than the roof over my head, having a job, health, a happy family, etc., etc.  These are no rival to Oprah's Favorite Things for sure.  Just everyday things that have nothing to do with stitching that make my life easier and I am happy I have so I wanted to share.   Drum Roll please....and in no particular order

My new L.L. Bean Barn Coat

I have wanted one for years, just never got around to buying it.   I was looking for something to wear on those in-between days when you need something more than a vest and not as much as a winter coat and of course, I had a coupon.  This just suits my style so well.   Throw on the jeans and my work boots and I am ready for a walk in the woods.  Would have bought it in my fav color - turquoise - if it came in that color but settled on the blue.....

Next up....$1.99 gloves that I bought for all the Christmas stockings.

Of course I bought an extra pair for me.   I always buy a bunch of cheapy gloves just to have.  These have special tips on the finger and thumb so you can text and dial your phone without taking the gloves off.  Some kind of coating that allows the electro-static of your finger to be transmitted.  (or whatever is it)

This is also something I wanted for a long time; just  something I never searched out to buy myself.

It's a girlie thing with no earth shattering redemption.  It is a mere decantor and a glass that serves as the lid. My sister gave it to my for my birthday last year.   It sits on my vanity in my closet and I can take a sip of water with my vitamins while I am putting on make-up or doing my hair in the morning.

And last but definitely not least......this lotion is to die for.   It is awesome to find a good product.....now that I have, it will probably stop being made.   Ever have that happen when you really like something?   Bam! off the market.
We are all getting dried out now that the winter is upon us.   Instantly this makes your dry arms and legs feel better.   The label is a bit fuzzy - it is Gold Bond Ultimate with Shea Butter.

Kind of my version of stop and smell the roses.  I am appreciative of the small things.   And see, don't need to spend a lot to keep this gal happy!


ohiofarmgirl said...

Love that coat....Dianntha

cucki said...

Stay warm dear xx

Lynn said...

I'm going to miss your daily posts in December!!!

Christine said...

I love the way you hang your earrings!