Sunday, December 9, 2012

As far as I am going.....

Just a few snaps of some more decorating I have done.     I am not doing as much as I usually do.   Seems like a lot of work and am kind of bummed out that for the first time ever, not all my kids will be home for Christmas.   My son was off Thanksgiving so he has to work Christmas.  My eldest daughter, a city employee, has to work Christmas Eve and then again on the 26th.   And little Miss Amy in the middle will be leaving on the 26th to complete two mergers before the end of the year.  
Mr. W.  - a man of little emotion - I can tell is a really disappointed but won't say.  I calmly explained, all is well and that we are so very fortunate that for 37 years we have had our children home for Christmas.   Some years, my eldest and her husband haven't even put a tree up because they have spend the holidays at our house.  Mr. W. understands my son's job is a 24/7 job (in a hospital) much like when we were first married and Mr. W. worked in continuous operations.  Miss Amy and I will visit friends and family while she is home and share some good quality crafting time together.  I will be traveling to State College on the 26th to spend a few days with my son and his wonderful wife and her son.  Alas, our children are grown and have lives and careers and all is well.

Yes, they are dressed for the season.   It scares my son-in-law that I dress them for each holiday.

OMG!  All those red packages are MINE from Mr. W.    He's never been one to buy me presents and I am very afraid.....many are shaped like shoe boxes but rattle like puzzles??   Yes, I picked them up....I had to put the ribbons on!

Pie safe in my dining room.
Dry Sink in my dining room
Desk in my dining room with my sad looking orchids.....really the one to the far left has a new shoot about 5 inches tall.   I am very excited.   I guess neglect works for growing orchids.  
Fireplace mantle with some greens
My Byers Dolls that were my mom's.   The only ones I have but always a favorite to put out.
Not my decoration but one I saw in a consignment shop.   Loving it!  
Want to make one with old Christmas balls.

I tried a panoramic shot with my phone but it didn't turn out so fab. 


Chris said...

Your decorating is beautiful. I hope that you find much joy in the holidays even with out so much time with your children.
I can't wait to see what the red packages are.

cucki said...

wow i love your decoration so much..looking so pretty..
love for you xx

Catherine said...

It all looks great!!

Theresa said...


It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas at your house! It is just beautiful!


Andrea said...

Wonderful decorations, your house is looking very festive.

Happy Christmas!